Helping Smokers Quit – With Vaping!


Hey fellow vapers – and those of you who are thinking about vaping so you can quit smoking.

I have a passion for helping smokers quit and believe vaping devices are the ideal way to get off the cigarettes. As a former 35-year heavy smoker, I know how difficult it is. I’ve wanted to “cheat” so many times since I quit in 2008, and vaping has really helped keep me on track.

I’m not an affiliate of any type of ecig, mod or any personal vaping device. I just really enjoy vaping and helping others who are confused about the technology and want to learn more information on vape devices.

Personal vaporizer brands and styles differ, so there is no “best” one to try. You may need to try several before you find something that works for YOU and your style of vaping.

If you’re transitioning from smoking to vaping, you may want a mouth-to-lung device that produces a strong throat hit.

If you’ve been off of cigarettes for a while but have a strong urge to start again, like I did, you may be craving that throat hit or something that produces a lot of vapor might be your style.

You may even find that you want one type of device for when you’re out in public; something that’s more subtle, and a second device for vaping at home and producing billows of vapor clouds.

Just be patient in your search. Visit local vape shops and get some recommendations based on what you want out of a vape device. But… regardless of how popular a specific device is or how much your friends may like it, remember, you have to like it or it’s not going to work.

Thanks for stopping by!

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