About This Blog and LOGIC ecigs


I have a passion for helping smokers quit and for finding ways to help former smokers keep from going back.

As a former 35-year heavy smoker, I know how difficult it is. I’ve wanted to “cheat” so many times since I quit in 2008, and using eCigs has really helped keep me on track.

And that’s why I started this information blog!

I also found that the LOGIC ecigs are THE BEST. I found this video from a store owner who sells more LOGIC ecigs than any others.

I was promoting the LOGIC ecigarettes long before I became an affiliate, and this video explains exactly why I not only chose them for myself, but why I became an affiliate – and why LOGIC is the only brand I promote on my blog too.

So if you’re looking to cut down smoking, switch to electronic cigarettes completely or quit, these are the best!

And here is where you can yours –> LOGIC Power Series

Want to know more about me? Head over to my Working from Home with KSMusselman blog!

Thanks for stopping by!


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