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Hey fellow vapers – and those of you who are thinking about vaping…

I have a passion for helping smokers quit and for finding either traditional or non-traditional cigarette alternatives to help former smokers keep from going back. As a former 35-year heavy smoker, I know how difficult it is. I’ve wanted to “cheat” so many times since I quit in 2008, and using eCigs has really helped keep me on track.

I was promoting the LOGIC brand, both the Power Series and the Pro Advanced Systems, but due to some financial constraints and convenience, I decided to switch to the eGo and get replacement Clearomizers on eBay pretty cheap, like less than a $1 each most times.


I’m not an affiliate of any type of ecig, emod or any personal vaporizer system. I just really enjoy vaping and helping others who are confused about the technology and want to learn more information on vapor cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes brands differ, so there is no “best” one to try. You may need to try several before you find something that works for YOU.

That’s what I did! And you may have to, too. So just be patient. With as many choices as there are out there, I’m positive you’ll find something that works.

My very best suggestion is to head over to YouTube and visit TheSmokenjoey on YouTube. He’s got reviews on almost everything, like the eGo style in the video below:

Want to know more about me and what I do? Meet me and my husband at Tri-County Real Estate Investment (REI) Homes!

Thanks for stopping by!


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