10 Best Vape Flavors on the Market

10 Best Vape Flavors on the Market

Are you getting bored with your usual vape juice? Here are the 10 of the best vape flavors you might want to try next.

Guest post from Katie Johnson

10 of the Best Vape Flavors on the Market

In a short span of time, the vaping trend has grown exponentially. In the United Kingdom, vaping has become extremely popular among individuals who desire to give up on smoking and resort to a healthier lifestyle.

On the other hand, another important aspect that often goes neglected is the aggressive development of the industry as an independent economy. The type of e-liquid you choose has a strong effect on your overall vaping experience. This is why, particularly if you are a first-time vaper, you should always do thorough research on flavors.

Keep in mind, however, that the best vape flavors for someone else may not be the best for you. Flavor is a personal choice.

With the demand for vaping juices increasing, many brands have come up with unique concoctions and blends that give them a significant edge over their counterparts. New developments are taking place each day where different e-liquids are surfacing to appeal to the sensibilities of a broader audience.

Thus, with the availability of so many new and enticing flavors, I understand that it can be a tough task to choose which liquid to try first. To make it easier for you, here’s a collection of the ten best vape flavors (all of which I have found at Vapor Warehouse) to make your vaping experience worthwhile.

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1. Mint

Mint is one of the most popular e-juice flavors offering a burst of freshness. For those who want to experience a gush of chilly cold Alaskan winds, mint is the right flavor for you.

best vape flavors mint

The cool minty taste will entice your taste buds. Be it the sweet accord of peppermint or the freshness of Spearmint, different mixtures are available to suit your preference.

2. Tobacco

All those vapers who are struggling to give up on their smoking habit can opt for tobacco flavored e-liquids. Such flavors are crafted to replicate an experience similar to smoking cigarettes.

best vape flavors tobacco

It is one of the best vape flavors that is readily consumed by users who desire to experience a cigarette-like taste and feeling, minus the unhealthy side-effects.

3. Fruit Cereal

Fruit cereal flavored e-liquids have gained immense traction in a relatively short span of time. Such flavors are generally a mixture of different fruity blends to give you a punch of fruity notes while vaping.

best vape flavors cereal

If you are one of those who likes having cereals for breakfast, you’ve just got another way to make your morning brighter.

4. Candy

Candy flavored e-liquids are one of the bestsellers in the vape industry. Candy juices are accredited as the fastest growing category in e-liquids due to their distinct sweet and sour taste. From popsicles, lollipops, bubble gums to sweet fruity flavorings, the flavorings are one of a kind.

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best vape flavors candy

5. Citrus

Lemon, lime, and oranges, the perfect concoction to tantalize your taste buds. The zesty and refreshing flavors have become extremely popular amongst vapers who desire to try unique citrusy blends.

best vape flavors citrus

While they may be sour for some individuals, those who have developed a liking for such flavors can vouch for their awesomeness.

6. Berry

Different berry e-liquids are readily available for vapers who desire a burst of bold flavors to tantalize their taste buds. Different berries are mixed together to come up with a unique blend that offers a satisfying feeling while vaping.

best vape flavors berries

Generally raspberry, blueberry and strawberry flavored e-liquids are popular amongst vapers. However, those who are edgy with their preference can opt for different berry mixtures.

7. Cake

Cake flavored e-liquids are one of the nicest flavorings that you can taste. Creamy, decadent and light, such flavors are perfect for those who like it light and refreshing.

best vape flavors cake

Cake flavored e-liquids come in a variety of options, where you can choose from pineapple, chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, etc. If you are one of those who cannot just say no to a piece of cake, this is one of the best vape flavors to fulfill your cravings without increasing your calorie count.

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8. Watermelon

Watermelon flavored e-liquids are ideal for those who love watermelon and like subtle flavored e-liquids. The experience is similar to eating a watermelon flavored Jolly Rancher. The favour is known for its refreshing feel and fruity tropical taste.

best vape flavors watermelon

9. Gummy Bear

If you are reminiscing your childhood and want to relive the experience, gummy bear flavored e-liquids are made for you. Refreshing, sweet and impactful, these vaping e-liquids are increasingly popular.

best vape flavors gummy bears

The flavors are moderately sweet and extremely fragrant, transporting you to your childhood days once again.

10. Tropical

While fruity flavors are increasingly popular amongst vapers, the demand for tropical flavorings has increased at an unprecedented rate. Such flavors are known for their refreshing, summery feel.

best vape flavors tropical

Generally, tropical flavors are made by carefully mixing different fruity flavors to come up with decadent concoctions.

New eliquid flavors are constantly hitting the market. Choosing your best vape flavors can make or break your vaping experience. Therefore, being strategic with your choice can make all the difference.

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