10 Ways Vaping Makes Life Easier Than Lighting Up a Smoke

10 Ways Vaping Makes Life Easier Than Lighting Up a Smoke

Vaping makes life easier than smoking cigarettes, really. And if you read through this top 10 list, you just might make a choice to switch to vaping a lot sooner.

If you’ve smoked for a long time, like decades, it’s not going to be easy to quit. But, if you think about all the things you can start doing again with a vape that you can’t do with a cigarette, it makes a lot of sense to ditch the cigarettes and switch to a vape.


Think about your daily routine as a smoker and all the things you have to do just to light up a smoke. You have to have your matches or a lighter on hand. You have to be near an ashtray. And that means possibly having an ashtray in every corner of every room in the house so you can put down that cigarette at any given time to:

Get in the shower, change clothes, brush your teeth, make dinner, make a pot of coffee, answer the door, answer the phone, pick up a pen and write a note, and the list goes on.

Now think about the hassle of keeping your ashtrays empty and clean and keeping the house odor-free.

Okay, so you only smoke outdoors. You still have to have ashtrays unless you want your perfectly manicured lawn to get littered with butts. You can’t just butt that smoke out and stick it in your pocket without some consequences.

Think about smoking in your car. Ashes everywhere except in the ashtray where the butts are. The nasty film on the inside of your windshield that can limit your visibility while you’re driving. Leaving a window open on a cold and/or rainy day to let the smoke out.

Smoking cigarettes can really get in the way of an easy-to-manage life. So let’s take a look at the top 10 ways that vaping makes life easier. You can see how vaping can eliminate a lot of the hassles that smoking cigarettes can cause.

10. When You’re Outside, Wind Doesn’t Matter

Have you ever watched smokers trying to light up on a windy day? They usually have to find a place to tuck themselves into a corner to block the breeze. Or they’ll have a buddy put their hands over the lighter or match so it doesn’t go out before the cigarette is lit.

And while they’re still trying to light up, you can pull your vape out of your pocket and start puffing, no matter what the weather is doing that day.

And if it’s windy and raining? Cigarettes that get wet will often break and that can ruin your smoke break. And if that’s your last cigarette until you get to the store, you’re just out of luck.

Vaping can eliminate those possible stresses. You don’t need to light them up. They work in the wind and rain so you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

vaping makes life easier windy

9. You Can Vape “Almost” Anywhere – How Convenient!

No Smoking signs are just about everywhere. Some stores are adding ‘No Vaping’ to their signs now too. But did you know that you could duck into a public restroom and grab a few puffs without anyone knowing?

Since the vapor is so light, it simply disappears in the air and has no odor; no one needs to know you’re grabbing a quick puff.

Smokers can’t do this with tobacco cigarettes. As soon as that cigarette is lit, you can smell it and you can see the billows of smoke wafting above the stalls.

When you’re looking for discretion, vaping makes life easier to puff on the go. Of course, if you’re a cloud chaser who uses a larger vape mod, you might want to use a smaller vape pen. Mods tend to create billows of vapor that will attract unwanted attention when you’re trying to be a little sneaky.

8. Ditch the Lighter

Okay, so you can still keep a lighter on you to help out a pal who hasn’t figured out yet that vaping is a lot easier, not to mention safer than toking on those nasty cigarettes. But you won’t need one for your vape!

7. No More Cleaning Stinky Ashtrays!

Don’t you just hate it when your ashtrays are starting to get full to the point of overflowing? And you can’t just dump the butts in the garbage.

First, you have to make sure that every butt is completely out or you may catch the garbage can on fire. To make absolutely sure nothing’s still smoldering, you might run some water in the ashtray before dumping it.

vaping makes life easier ashtray

And then, you have to clean the ashtray, too. If you don’t get the ashtray dry enough before using it again, your cigarette gets wet and kind of ruins the smoking experience.

Vaping makes life easier since you can lay your vape pen down right on a table or stick it in your pocket without worrying about any ash residue or stench from butts. And you don’t have to wash any ashtrays either.

6. No More Going Outside to Smoke Like You’re a Leper

If you work in an office where you’re banished to the outside world, you’re taking time away from your work to go to parts unknown just for a puff. And if you head outdoors too often, your boss just might start having a problem with it.

Vaping makes life easier to get your “nicotine fix” by ducking into a restroom and blowing the vapor into the wall where it vanishes on contact. And you can walk back out of the restroom with no one being the wiser. No smoke, no odor, but you got your “nicotine fix” just the same.

5. Vaping Makes Life Easier to Convert Smokers to Vapers

Vape in public wherever you can, like as you’re walking up to a store or restaurant where smokers are trying to get their last puffs in before smashing the butt on the sidewalk.

Pull your vape out as soon as you walk out the door and casually glance at the smokers hanging around the designated “Smoking Area.”

Eventually someone may come up and ask if those things really work and how safe are they. That’s when you can tell them how much easier your life is now that you vape instead of smoke.

And don’t forget to tell them how much better you feel now that all that cigarette nastiness isn’t clogging up your lungs anymore.

4. Zero Waste Factor!

So your favorite brand of cigarettes was only available in a soft pack and you forgot to take it out of your back pocket before you got in the car. Well, there go a few cigarettes as the pack gets crushed.

vaping makes life easier broken-cig

Or you just got that cigarette lit and someone calls you back inside the office or the house and you have to butt that sucker out immediately. No, you don’t have to time to carefully butt it out and save it for later. What a waste.

Vaping makes life easier by eliminating the waste factor of butted out, used cigarettes. You can take your last puff as you’re walking back in the door and drop the vape pen in your pocket without a worry. Yes, they save until later, without losing their flavor.

Now isn’t that easier?

3. No More Burn Holes in Your Clothing

I think every smoker has experienced the burn holes in their favorite shirt, skirt, jacket, gloves, etc. because of accidentally dropping a lit cigarette.

But vapes don’t light up so there’s no fire. And that means no more burn holes. How’s that for easy? You also get a bonus cost savings on replacing damaged garments.

And not only burn holes in your clothes, but how about burn holes in the carpet, on your furniture, the carpet and upholstery in your car? You knew you tossed that butt out the front window, but alas, it got sucked right back in through the back window and now it’s smoldering on the floor behind you.

Vaping has no ashes and you don’t toss them out. So no worries there. Makes life easier, wouldn’t you say?

2. You Don’t “Lend Out” or “Give Away” Your Vape Pen

Yes, smokers and former smokers have all been there. You’re walking somewhere and you hear the whispered, ‘Hey, got an extra smoke?’ ‘Can I bum one of those?’

Now you don’t have to feel like a heel for not handing out one of your “extra” cigarettes, because you don’t have any! You simply show them your vape and say, ‘I don’t smoke. I’m vaping.’

1. No Burning Down the House!

Or anyone in it. Tragically, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says that “Cigarette fires cause close to 1,000 deaths and 3,000 injuries each year in the United States,” and “As the ignition source in fires responsible for over 20% of all fire deaths, cigarettes are the nation’s largest single cause of such deaths.”

vaping makes life easier fire

Switching to a vape will not only make your life a lot easier than smoking cigarettes, but it will literally eliminate the possibility of burning down your house – and anyone in it – because of a dropped lit cigarette or falling asleep in bed with a lit cigarette.

You can fall asleep with your vape in your hand and drop it, and about the only thing you may lose is some e-liquid that might leak out of the mouthpiece. But that won’t cause a fire!

You don’t have to worry about falling asleep and burning the house down. How many times have smokers heard “Don’t smoke in bed!” How many horror stories have we read about people falling asleep in bed, on a sofa, etc., with a lit cigarette?

Why Do YOU Think Vaping Makes Life Easier?

I’d love to hear your comments! Add them below! You can even submit a guest post or submit your personal story about why you switched to vaping.

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