4 E-Liquid Flavours That Could Potentially Blow Your Socks Off

4 E-Liquid Flavours That Could Potentially Blow Your Socks Off

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E-Liquid, sometimes known as E-Juice or E-Cig Liquid, is the liquid solution that contains nicotine and is heated inside an electronic cigarette to produce vapour.

There are literally hundreds of diverse, exciting and tasty flavours available from a lot of different brands across the world. The biggest selling brand at the moment, especially across the UK and most of Europe, is Hangsen. They’re a household name because of the quality and taste of their juices.

There are many stores who stock well over 70 flavours from Hangsen at very affordable prices for most vapers. But do be careful when shopping as overly cheap liquids can be a health hazard.

But if you’re new to vaping, which flavours should you be trying?

Here are 4 e-liquid flavours that are tasty, tongue-rocking e-liquid juices that could potentially blow your socks off if you’ve never tried them before. These are some of the finest juices available today.

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Virginia Tobacco E-Liquid

Golden Virginia is one of the leading names from the roll-your-own tobacco cigarette industry and is still one of the biggest selling tobaccos in the world today. This familiar popularity is reflected in its e-liquid form as most vape stores claim it as their best selling e-liquid juice by far.

But does it really taste like the real Virginia Tobacco that you know and love? You bet it does, at least according to all of the vapers that I’ve spoken to. It’s a rich, rich tobacco blend.

RY4 E-Liquid

RY4 e-liquid is a perfect blend for tobacco lovers with a sweet tooth.


It’s a fine mix of tobacco and caramel with just a hint of vanilla to seal the deal. It’s a perfectly sweet, creamy and delightful vape which hits the throat with an unforgettable ting. This is the only e-liquid that could potentially rival Virginia Tobacco in terms of popularity. Vapers love it.

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Menthol E-Liquid

This is a vaping classic. Everyone and their nan loves a great Menthol juice.


Hangsen’s Menthol e-liquid is a celebrity among its peers because of its exceptional taste, cool throat hit and just the relaxing vaping experience that it provides every time. Most vapers will agree that an e-liquid of this calibre deserves to be on a list like this every single time. It’s perfect.

For those who need a bit more from their Menthol juice, there is also something called ‘HS Menthol Sensation’ from Hangsen which is a premium Menthol e-liquid.

Fruit Mix E-Liquid

Fruit fans will literally fall to their knees when they taste the smooth, delicious explosion of fruits that bombard the taste buds and back of the throat when vaping with a fruit mix e-juice.

The number of individual fruits that can be tasted in this e-liquid differ from person to person although there’s always some Kiwi, Grape and Raspberry that is mentioned by vapers. Experience the nostalgia attached to a perfect fruit smoothie with Hangsen’s fruit mix e-liquid.

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  1. Personally, Menthol e liquid and fruit mix e liquid are my favorite flavors which I’ll also recommend to others. When I was beginner I randomly chose the e liquid which affect me a lot. But now a days, people like you really helpful and describe things properly. I hope you’ll work like this.

  2. Some very nice flavours there in the article, when i quit and mover to my ecig the biggest and best thing i noticed is that the horrible fag smell had gone so i agree with all the above its cheaper, tastes better and smells a lot better click this link to take a look at our offerings http://www.liquidology.co.uk/shop/ hope to see you soon

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