5 Best Vape Mods and Box Mods

5 Best Vape Mods and Box Mods

If you’re thinking about moving on from your vape pen into a more powerful device to enhance your vaping experience, here are some of the best vape mods to consider.

Guest post by Gloria Stokes

What Are Vape Mods?

E-cigarettes have been on the market now for over a decade and have progressed into vape mods, which are more powerful than earlier vaping devices. Cloud chasing vapers love mods that produce huge vapor clouds.

Vape Mods are actually larger and bulkier devices than earlier “cig-a-likes” and vape pens. The Box Mod is an even bulkier version of vape mods but is often considered under the heading of mods.

The 5 Best Vape Mods:

According to our shop, these are the 5 best vape mods that you can easily buy at wwvape.com:

1. Marshall 320W TC Mod By Smok

The Marshall By Smok is one of the toughest mods in the vape industry. Its 320 W high voltage really gives it an edge over all the other vape mods. The mod has such a high output that it needs 3 batteries to work.

The Marshall by Smok also supports multiple types of elements and can also support a dual battery system. The design and color range of the Marshall is very impressive and the compactness is a feature seldom available in such powerful mods. The OLED screen keeps you aware of the settings running on this mod.

best vape mods ijoygenie
iJoy Genie Review

2. Genie PD270 Mod by IJOY

With a big screen, cubic colored design, and a maximum voltage of 234 watts, this vape mod is another one of the most powerful mods in the industry. It supports a 30 mm tank and temperature controls that not many mods in the industry have.

In addition to that, the personalized leather stickers are a great add on for those that love to have their mods look beautiful.

The mod works on 20700 batteries and is available in three different themes on wwvape.com, so go get them now at the best prices.

3. Cylon 218W TC Box Mod by Smoant

The Smoant 218 W is truly the big bad wolf of the vape kits. Its bulky design, yet sturdy build makes it worthy of being one of the best mods in the industry.

In addition to that, the masterfully designed display of the Cylon 218W is an amazing feature and cannot be found on a lot of mods in the industry.

The Cylon is capable of producing huge vapor clouds and providing great flavor. It also has a great temperature control system that will keep you safe and updated when you decide to chain vape your e liquids.

4. Diamond PD270 Mod by IJOY

The Diamond is a great mod with plenty of style to keep you going. With maximum output reaching up to 234W and around 12 different colors available, this is really a mod from the future.

best vape mods ijoydiamond

iJoy Diamond Review

The display on the Diamond PD270 is wide and easy to read so even if you are a new vaper, you know what you are doing.

Moreover, the Diamond PD270 is known to produce the heaviest clouds among the entire vape industry and is therefore truly a cloud chaser’s mod.

5. Alien AL85 Mini Mod by SMOK

Unlike all the other vape mods on this list, the Smok Alien AL85 is not so powerful. Yet, the fact that it is still on the list is a big achievement.

best vape mods smokalien

This mod has a weight of only 120 g and is as small as a box mod can get. So, size is its strong point. The screen layout is very neat and the display is easy to read and understand.

The highest voltage that the Smok Alien A85 can reach up to is around 80W, but it is still one of the best mods in this range.

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