7 Ways That Ecigs Make Life Easier Than Smoking

7 Ways That Ecigs Make Life Easier Than Smoking


Ecigs really can make life easier than smoking, especially if you’ve found it hard to quit or you’re just not ready to yet. I started vaping to keep from taking up smoking again. And I realized how many things I can do with an e-cig that I couldn’t do with a cigarette.

So besides the obvious health benefits over combustible cigarettes, here are some things about personal vaporizers (PV) that just make life so much easier than smoking!

They may sound trivial to some people, but to me, they really removed a lot of hassles I often experienced while smoking.


If you’re still a smoker, read through and see how switching to vaping can make life easier, and bring back a lot of freedom to your life that you may not even realize you’re missing!

1. You don’t need an ashtray!

I still love the idea that I can lay my PV down anywhere without worrying about it burning a hole in something.

make life easier ashtray

Smokers know you can’t just put a cigarette down on anything and forget about it – without butting it out and making sure it’s not still lit.

2. No Burning Down the House!

You don’t have to worry about falling asleep and burning the house down. How many times have smokers heard “Don’t smoke in bed!” How many horror stories have we read about people falling asleep in bed, on a sofa, etc., with a lit cigarette?

make life easier fire

Not so with vaping. I can doze off watching TV or at my computer, and if I drop my e-cig it’s no big deal. I just pick it up off the floor whenever I wake up.

3. Make life easier – vape in the house!

When I used to smoke in my apartment, I’d have to go through a cleaning process whenever my boyfriend (now my husband) came over or I was having guests.

Then I’d have to smoke in the bathroom with the ventilation fan on or go to the back of the apartment and open a window.

When we got married and I moved into his house, I had to go outside.

Now that I vape, I can not only vape in my house, I can vape just about anywhere. Even my family members who have strict NO SMOKING rules let me vape indoors. They even make their own kids smoke outside, but they can vape inside.

4. You can’t “lend it out” or “give it away.”

Smokers know that eventually someone’s going to walk up to you somewhere and ask, ‘Got an extra smoke?’ Or ‘Got a light?’

When people see you vaping, they know you don’t have an “extra smoke” because you’re not smoking. As for “got a light,” they can see you’re puffing away without lighting anything up.

There have been a couple of times that people have seen me blowing out vapor, but they didn’t see the ecig in my hand, and they’ve walked up asked me for an extra smoke. They were kind of taken aback when I showed them my vape and said, ‘I don’t smoke.’

5. You can help convert smokers to vapers.

Since a lot of stores and restaurants won’t allow vaping inside, we vapers still may be relegated to the “smoker’s area” outside. But this is a great opportunity to convert smokers over to vaping.

I was waiting outside Cabela’s one day and pulled my PV out of my pocket and started puffing. Meanwhile, a woman came out and lit up a smoke.

She walked over to me and asked, ‘Do those things really work?’ By the time my husband pulled up with the car, she was sold on it! That made my day.

6. Zero waste factor!

I think almost every smoker has broken a cigarette, crushed a soft-pack, dropped one in a puddle, had to butt one out in a hurry… What a waste of money, because you can’t “fix” them once they’re broken, wet or butted out.

Not so with an ecig!

make life easier broken-cig

They don’t break in half until you take it apart yourself to switch out cartridges or clean it. There are no soft-packs to crush and you don’t have to butt it out.

If you’re outside catching a puff and called back inside for a meeting, you just stick the ecig in your pocket for later.

And those pockets won’t have holes in them from dropping a lit cigarette on your clothes.

So personal vaporizers can make life easier and save you a lot of money, too! You won’t be replacing your favorite outfits because you burned a hole in them.

7. No more going outside to smoke.

Even if you work in a totally non-smoking building, you can still “secretly” vape when you need to.

Just excuse yourself to the rest room and take a few puffs. The vapor dissipates; it doesn’t hang around in the room so nobody knows you’re vaping in a non-smoking bathroom!

These things would have come in handy when I used to work while I was still smoking!!!

A lot bars still allow personal vaporizers and ecigs to be used inside because they don’t create smoke. So while your smoking buddies have to step outside and leave the party to catch a smoke, you can stay at the bar and puff away.

If you’re still a smoker, make life easier by switching to ecigs, or personal vaporizers as I call them, and get some of your freedoms back too!

Have ecigs made life more convenient for you, too? Leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “7 Ways That Ecigs Make Life Easier Than Smoking”

  1. Totally agree with you!
    Sorry but point number two really make my day.
    Because i almost burn my bed when smoking (luckily not my house).
    Lucky enough i change to vape right now

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