asMODus Minikin 2 180W Touch Screen Mod Review

asMODus Minikin 2 180W Touch Screen Mod Review

We love our readers’ guest posts and today Adam Fury with We Vape Mods gives a review of the asMODus Minikin 2 180W Box Mod. Read on…

Quality of the asMODus Minikin 2

Today I’m reviewing the asMODus Minikin 2 180W Box Mod. If you enjoy this vape review, I would recommend checking out We Vape Mods, which boasts over 500+ eliquid, tank and mod reviews by expert vapers. 

The asMODus Minikin 2 180W Touch Screen Mod fits perfectly in the hand. The one I purchased is mainly made from an oxidized zinc alloy, with the front face featuring a round power button with asMODus branding. There’s a USB charging port under the screen for balanced charging.

The battery door is located on the back of the mod and held in place with two strong magnets, at the top and bottom, so it has little to no rattle and fits flush against the mod.

The mod takes two 18650 high-rate, flat top batteries with a battery life of about 24 to 36 hours, depending on your use. To recharge the batteries, remove them from the mod and place them on an external charger.

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The wattage range is 5 to 180 watts and the resistance is 0.1 ohm to 2.5 ohm, and I found it to be super easy to change between wattage and temperature control. There is a curved wattage setting as well that works like a dream, especially for RDAs!

To adjust the wattage or settings you have to slide down on the touch screen to unlock it.

There is one issue I’ve had so far with the asMODus Minikin 2 180W, however; the puff counter needs to be reset when it reaches its maximum count, otherwise it won’t fire.


I purchased the special edition prism chrome mod from the official asMODus website. for about $99.99. Alternatively, you can purchase a basic color version for just $89.99.

asMODus shipped the device super quick and it was also free! Other websites do sell it for a bit cheaper, however, I’d prefer to support the manufacturer.

While it’s a little more expensive than similar mods on the market, you are getting a quality, USA-made product. The customer service was amazing and they were very accommodating. It’s an excellent mod for a more seasoned vaper.

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I would note that the shiny metal is fairly easy to scratch, so I would recommend taking care of it. It’s a pretty heavy mod once you put in the batteries. While some people may prefer a more lightweight mod, I like a little weight.


The external packaging is good looking and simple, featuring a blue geometric pattern and a large plastic clear window that showcases the mod.

Above the window it reads “asMODus” in silver lettering; the bottom says “Minikin 2.” The sides of the box display the model and some various safety warnings.

The specification booklet, instructions, warranty card, and USB charging cord are inside the box in the battery compartment. The asMODus Minikin 2 180W is safely nestled within a foam mold and a piece of velvet.

Where to Buy Your asMODus Minikin 2 180W Box Mod

You can get your new mod directly through asMODus where you can read their feature-rich description, current pricing and shipping information.

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