Benefits of Vaping Marijuana

Benefits of Vaping Marijuana

One of the benefits of vaping marijuana is in reducing the harmful effects of inhaling the smoke produced by lighting up a marijuana cigarette.

Guest post by James J. Harper

Medical marijuana continues to be legalized across the U.S. due to the recognition of its therapeutic benefits. However, when considering the method of use, some of the people still light up a joint to smoke cannabis while others use a dry herb vaporizer.

Different Vaping Devices

Almost all the vaporizers that are available in the market ranging from big devices to small pen-like gadgets, or e-cigs, to larger dry herb vaporizers.

Smaller vape pens are better used with a cannabis oil or e-juice rather than the dry marijuana herb.

There are also differences in dry herb vaporizers. Some still do heat up the cannabis using a combustion process, so you’re still inhaling smoke. Better devices use a ceramic heating chamber that only heat the product without actually burning it, so you’re actually vaporizing the product.


Though smoking and vaping are both inhalation methods, the difference is quite significant. Smoking marijuana refers to burning and inhaling which are potentially carcinogenic. Using a vape device eliminates the combustion and smoke and delivers a cleaner vapor to inhale.

Health Benefits of Vaping Marijuana:

Better for Lungs and Respiratory System
Research has shown that vaping is easier on your lungs and respiratory function since it eliminates the creation of toxic and other potentially harmful substances that occur when smoking a combustible product.

Cannabinoid Efficiency
It is often overlooked that smoking destroys almost 50% of cannabinoids making it less effective for therapeutic purposes.

Vaporizers, on the other hand, deliver around 40-61% of the cannabinoids thus making it an effective and efficient delivery method.

Faster Therapeutic Action
Patients with chronic illness often require immediate relief. One of the benefits of vaping marijuana is that the cannabinoids are absorbed into the body almost instantly, thus quickly relieving the pain.

Better Flavor
With vaporizers, one can truly enjoy the flavor of the cannabis since terpenes aren’t burned away during vaping.

Variety of Vaporizer Choice
Instead of “rolling a joint,” you can purchase a dry herb vaporizer with variable settings for power and heat levels and the amount of vapor it produces. Then you can customize the settings to get the most benefit from vaping.

Improved Lung Function Over Smoking
Simply transitioning from smoking to vaping may help to heal lungs from any damage caused by long-term smoking.

benefits of vaping marijuana smoking

Vaping eliminates toxins like carbon monoxide that’s inhaled with traditional combustion products. So you may find you’re breathing much better after a while of vaping.

No Second-Hand Smoke
There are no passive or second-hand smoke issues since vaping does not produce smoke. It’s still wise to be considerate of others when vaping in public.

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