Best Clearomizer Tanks

Best Clearomizer Tanks

The Best Clearomizer Will Save You Money

Looking to save money? The best clearomizer I would suggest for a heavy vaper is also one of the most common and most popular types of clearomizers today for just about any personal vaporizer.

After watching the video below, I’ll be switching to bottom coils myself!

Bottom Coil Clearomizers

On a bottom coil clearomizer, the e-liquid constantly goes through the atomizer coil from the bottom so there is no need for wicks.

This virtually avoids a burnt taste when you draw on it, or a dry hit. But, the vapor may also have a cooler taste to it as opposed to a top coil.


Top Coil Clearomizers

These are top coil clearomizers, meaning the heating element, or atomizer, is on the top of the tank. As you take a hit, the strings or wicks pull the eliquid up into the atomizer.

best clearomizer bottom-coil

You should also get more vapor volume from an eGo clearomizer tank, and a stronger throat hit, which is what a lot of vapers are looking for in a good PV, making it the best clearomizer for your vape pen.

This also helps smokers who are trying to quit by using an ecig because they’ll be almost instantly gratified with the throat hit and nicotine, so it satisfies their cravings while they quit traditional cigarettes.

These clearomizers are also very easy to refill, and can be refilled several times before replacing them, making them very affordable and cost efficient! If you’re down to your last tank, you can learn how to clean a clearomizer by watching the video below.

Cleaning clearomizers just might give you an extra couple of refills and hold you over until you can get more replacements.

The Distinct Advantages over “Cig-a-likes” Cartridges

Another thing I like about my eGo vapes is that the replacement cartridges are empty and they don’t have that cotton filling that gets a burnt taste after a few refills.

Technically, the cig-a-like replacement cartridges aren’t even supposed to be refilled. If the refills aren’t done correctly, you can actually damage the cartridge and have to throw it away anyway.

Also, in a cig-a-like type cartridge, once that filler material is used, there will always be a hint of the taste of the original ejuice that it came prefilled with. If you like using a variety of flavors, you might not get the right taste of your favorite flavor because of the residue of the original flavor left behind.

eGo, CE4 and CE5 Clearomizers

The eGo cartridges, though, are specifically designed to be filled and refilled, which, in my opinion, makes them the best clearomizer tank for your vape pen or mod. This also means you’re always going to have the full taste of your ejuice flavor. If you want to change flavors, you have two really easy options:

1. Use one cartridge and only refill it with a specific flavor, and use a different cartridge for another flavor.
2. Rinse your cartridge after you use it before putting in a different flavor.

Because these clearomizer cartridges are so cheap though, it’s best to just pick up a pack of 10 and only use one flavor per cartridge.

My husband gets my replacement clearomizers online; most of the time they’re about $1 each a 10/pack for $10 plus shipping.

And since they come in different colors, it’s easy to put a different flavor in each tank and not get them mixed up.

This Style Clearomizer is Very Versatile!

Made to fit an eGo, these CE4 or CE5 clearomizers they can also be used on almost any type of battery or mod. That’s cost efficient because if you upgrade to a bigger battery, you may not have to get rid of your clearomizers!

How Long Does a CE4 Clearomizer Tank Last?

Well, that depends on how much you vape! If you’re a heavy vaper, like I am, one tank can last me almost a week before it starts getting an overused “burnt” taste to it. And then there are times when one will only last two or three days.

It just depends on the tank really. Not all of them are “perfect,” so you can expect a defective one every once in a while. But for $1 each, why complain? It’s still a heck of a lot cheaper than a pack of smokes these days!

Where to Buy eGo Clearomizers

Most of your local vape shops should have eGo clearomizers in stock. Again, you can also buy them online, like we do, or check for other online vape store sites and compare prices.

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