The Best Eliquid Flavours Are a Personal Choice

The Best Eliquid Flavours Are a Personal Choice

If you’re familiar at all with vaping, you probably know that the best eliquid flavours are a personal choice. Not everyone loves the same tastes; however, there are some unique and popular flavours out there that are enjoyed by thousands of vapers.

Our friends at Vapourlicious in the UK recently sent us this article with their choice of best eliquid flavours. Maybe some of these are your favourites too!

The Top Unique and Best ELiquid Flavours

Whether you are a new to vaping or you have been at it for a while, your choice of e-liquid flavours will have a big influence on your vaping experience.

There are many flavours available and new flavours are still being produced, making it even more difficult to make a choice.

The only way to know what the best eliquid flavours are for you is by trying out different flavours to see which ones you like most.

The flavours listed below are some of the most popular among vapers and you can be sure to fall in love with a good number of them once you try them out.

  • Banana Nut Bread Flavour: A unique flavour inspired by banana nut bread as the name suggests. It has a very rich banana flavour that fruit lovers will absolutely enjoy.
  • best eliquid flavours banana nut

  • Black Mamba: Named after a cocktail whose flavour it mimics. It has hints of cranberry, blackberry and citrus. Many vapers like it on the rocks and it is definitely something you should try.
  • Swagger: characterised by a tobacco taste but is way smoother than tobacco. If you cannot stand fruity flavours, this one is for you.
  • RY4: Has hints of tobacco but the main flavour is vanilla and caramel. It has a refreshing taste to it and is great as an all-day vape.
  • Peach Green Tea: Has very subtle flavours and is smooth and relaxing. It is perfect as an after work vape to help you take the edge off.
  • Frozen Lime Drop: This has a sweet and sour taste. It has hints on menthol which is very refreshing and has cooling effect, hence the name frozen lime drop. The tartness will greatly appeal to those who do not like very sweet flavours.
  • best eliquid flavours lime

  • Mother’s Milk: It is very a smooth and delicious e-juice which is creamy and has hints of strawberry. It also perfect as an all-day vape.
  • Muffin Man: Has the taste of muffins made with red apples and a bit of cinnamon. It is a very unique flavour that you will absolutely love.
  • Grandmaster: This is a reach and creamy flavour with a peanut butter taste and banana and caramel aftertaste.
  • USA Blend: A perfect choice for vapers who are not into fruity flavours. Its musky flavour will completely blow your mind.
  • Rip Tide: It has hints of raspberry, strawberry and menthol in equal prominence, with none overbearing the other. The combination of menthol and fruit is unique and if you are into both fruity and menthol flavours, you will fall in love with Rip tide.
  • best eliquid flavours berries

  • Unicorn Blood: Has a fruity and sweet flavour that many vapers have likened to the taste of skittles.

These flavours are great for all vapers, both newbies and old hands. Tobacco and menthol-based e-liquids are very popular among beginners but many soon discover the other fruity flavours available and get hooked on those.

There are dozens of other great varieties you can try including Milk & Honey, Thug Juice, Astro, Voodoo and Looper among others. Do not be afraid of trying new flavours every now and then as you will discover some amazing new flavours that you will absolutely love.

For more information, visit: Vapourlicious.

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