CBD Oil Vape Pen Cartridges

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Did you know that the difference between a CBD oil vape pen and a regular vape e-juice pen is simply in the type of cartridge used? If you already have a 510 eGo style battery, you only need to use a different style cartridge specifically made for thicker oils and you’ll have yourself a CBD oil vape pen.


Is Vaporizing Healthier Than Smoking Cannabis?

is vaporizing healthier than smoking

If you’ve been asking yourself – is vaporizing healthier than smoking your weed – the short answer is Yes…but… There are more benefits to vaping cannabis than lighting up a joint.

On the other hand, vaporizing and inhaling high level THC cannabis can get you more than buzzed and be detrimental to your health, according to a recent study.


How to Get a Satisfying Vape Experience in 3 Easy Ways

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New vapers need a satisfying vape experience from day one to avoid giving up and going back to smoking traditional cigarettes. Below, Shay Masand provides three easy ways to enjoy vaping right from the start!

How to Get a Satisfying Vape Experience in 3 Easy Ways

There is a consistent decline in the use of traditional cigarettes for the past few decades due to the skyrocketing usage of e-cigarettes among young and old people. According to the statistics, in the United States, the population of young Americans who vaped roughly grew by 1.5 million in 2018.

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Vaping for Beginners

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