The Volcano Wins as the Best Desktop Bag Vaporizer

bag vaporizer feature

And now for something completely different… I mostly talk about portable vapes on this blog, but a desktop bag vaporizer is worth looking into for at-home vapers, so I’ve included this review of the Volcano.

Obviously, this is not a portable vape, but you can pack it up and take it to a friend’s house to share your vaping experience. You can use the Volcano to vape dry herb, oils and concentrates. Because it is a vaporizer, it’s much safer than even using a water bong.


Adding Extra PG to Ejuice

adding extra pg to ejuice

Getting the right consistency for your vape device by adding extra PG to Ejuice may save your coils and save money by not having to buy a more expensive vape mod.

I used to buy Buck Naked Old Harbor Menthol when I first started vaping with an eGo device. When my local shop wasn’t able to get it anymore, I switched to Tsunami and EON Smoke until they couldn’t get those shipped in anymore either.

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