A Bride Smoking in Her Wedding Dress

A Bride Smoking in Her Wedding Dress

Even as a former long-time smoker – 35 years in fact – I never liked seeing a bride smoking while she’s still wearing her beautiful wedding dress.

There’s just something off about it. I mean, she gets all pretty, clean, fresh, in a gorgeous white dress – and then lights up a nasty cigarette.

Think about it. Your beautiful gown, fresh from the cleaners after being altered, nicely pressed, and you’re going to stand out there next to a gross ash can and stink it all up, and try not to get any dirty ashes on it or worse yet, drop a hot ash on that lovely, expensive silk and burn a hole in it!

You could get burn holes in your lovely veil too! Not good.

So the bride manages to make it through an hour or so without smoking to get through the ceremony in a fresh wedding dress. After the ceremony, there’s photographs and then the reception.

Fortunately, a lot of places are now smoke free, so now you can see the bride smoking outdoors, where the wind could catch a hot flying ash and burn a hole in her dress or the veil, fly in her eyes – there goes the makeup!

And not just a bride smoking a cigarette, what about the groom, and the rest of the bridal party?

How many of them are smokers who run the risk of damaging their tuxedos? Or how many of them are non-smokers who don’t want to be near any of the other attendants who might be running out to catch a fast one before the ceremony.

There is a way to eliminate the smoke, the smell, the possibility of ruining the dress, and still “smoke” – switch to electronic cigarettes, if only just for that one day!

Here’s how to make a smooth transition, one that you might end up keeping forever:

  1. Get used to them first – try out disposables until you find one that works for you.
  2. Have an ecigs party with your bridesmaids! And if you can afford to do it, buy their first disposables for them.
  3. Explain the reasons why you want a completely smoke-free wedding day and that you would appreciate it if any of your bridal party – bridesmaids AND groomsmen – will switch to ecigs, if only for just that one day.

    They may surprise you and enjoy it more than smoking real cigarettes!

What are the selling points?

  1. No smelly tuxedos or bridesmaids dresses;
  2. No missing out on anything to run outside to catch a quick smoke;
  3. No risks of burning a hole in any of the clothing;
  4. No running out of matches;
  5. No running out of cigarettes;
  6. No losing your lighter, etc…

Now wouldn’t she look so much cleaner and beautiful if she was a bride vaping a sleak, electronic smokeless cigarette instead?


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