Can You Prevent Vape Coils from Burning?

Can You Prevent Vape Coils from Burning?

While you may not be able to completely prevent vape coils from burning out, you can slow down the process of the coil burning out too soon.

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How to Prevent Vape Coils from Burning

If you take a draw on your vape device and get a harsh, burnt taste, you probably have a burnt vape coil. If you’re using an electronic cigarette with disposable, replaceable cartridges, there isn’t much you can do about it but change the cartridge since the atomizer and coil are built into the cartridge.

If you’re using a vape pen or mod with replaceable coils, you may not be able to completely prevent vape coils from burning out, but you can slow down the process of the coil burning out too soon.

Eventually, all coils will burn out and need to be replaced with a new coil. But there are a few things you can do to make sure your coils last as long as they’re supposed to, which will save you some money too.

Preventing Vape Coils from Burning Too Soon

1. Always Prime New Coils

If you’re using atomizer coils with a cotton wick, the cotton is clean and dry and needs to be primed before you use the vape device.

If you’re using a Clearomizer type tank where you can’t change the coil, after you add the ejuice, wait a few minutes to allow the liquid to soak into the wick thoroughly before vaping.

If you’re using a device with replaceable coils, simply drop some liquid onto the coil and allow it to soak into the vape coil before putting it back into the atomizer. Once your device is reassembled, take a few draws on it before you turn on the device. This will draw more liquid into the coil and fully prime it for use.

2. Avoid “Chain Vaping” Your Vape Device

What does that mean? Just like smoking a traditional cigarette, if you take hit after hit after hit without taking a break in between, you’ll eventually get a burnt taste from it as get near the end of the cigarette.

The same may happen with your vape device if you overuse and dry out the coil, which may burn it out early.

The best way to vape, obviously, is to take a couple of puffs and then wait a minute or two before vaping again. This is easier on the coil and will keep the coils from burning out too soon.

3. Lower the Settings on Your Device

If your vape device has variable temperature and variable wattage settings, try lowering the settings. Some e-liquids or waxes heat at different temperatures and wattages, so try different settings until you find those that prevent the coils from burning too quickly.

Also, make sure you’re not using a liquid that’s not meant for your specific device. For example, some vape pens or devices aren’t meant for high VG based liquids. The thickness of the liquid makes the coils work too hard and they burn out fast.

You may need to use an e-juice that has a higher PG base so it’s a thinner juice and will keep the coils from burning out fast.

4. Clean the Coils

Some coils can be cleaned and reused a couple of times before they burn out completely. So if you’ve primed your new coils before using them and you’re using the right consistency of liquid, and you get a burnt taste after using it for a while, you can try to clean the coil thoroughly and reuse it.

Some coils can be reused once or twice before they completely burn out, so this can save you some cash on coils.

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