CBD Products and Vaping

CBD Products and Vaping

Of the many CBD products available today, CBD can also be found as a supplement to add to your ejuice for vaping. You can also find CBD vape oils in a variety of flavors.

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Why CBD Has Everyone Talking

This is an exciting time for patients in many areas who have had difficulty finding prescription medications to treat their conditions. After decades of being just another player in the War on Drugs, cannabis has begun to benefit from a change in public sentiment.

People have come to realize that cannabis is not just another drug; it is an opioid-free and largely safe treatment for a variety of medical conditions including chronic pain and nausea. Many states have legalized medical cannabis use with a prescription. Some states have even legalized it for general adult use.

As cannabis has become legal in more areas, a burgeoning legal cannabis industry has formed. Helping to fuel the industry are legions of scientists researching cannabis to discover previously unexplored uses for the plant. Cannabidiol — or CBD — is a hemp extract that has emerged as one of the most promising results of that research.

What Is CBD?

Cannabis contains many cannabinoids that interact with the body’s cannabinoid receptors in different ways. You’re probably already familiar with THC, the cannabinoid that makes you feel euphoric. CBD is another cannabinoid. Although it lacks the psychoactive properties of THC, researchers are discovering that it may have many uses of its own.

CBD products are usually extracts of industrial hemp plants that contain little to no THC. Using industrial hemp makes it possible to create a broad-spectrum plant extract with a high concentration of CBD and only trace amounts of THC — not enough to have any effect.

In states where cannabis is legal, it is possible to find CBD products made from cannabis plants. Such extracts contain both CBD and THC. This article, however, only discusses THC-free CBD products that are available everywhere.

Is CBD the Same Thing as Marijuana? Will It Get Me High?

Because CBD is made from industrial hemp plants that contain almost no THC, using a CBD product will not make you feel high or drowsy. Unlike cannabis, using a CBD product produces a subtle effect that you may not immediately notice. Because CBD has such a mild effect on the body, you may not feel it working at all.

Is CBD Legal to Buy?

CBD is a product of industrial hemp, which is legal in all 50 states. When sold as dietary supplements, CBD products are also legal in all 50 states. CBD product manufacturers are not, however, allowed to make health claims about their supplements.

Although research suggests that CBD may have many beneficial uses, the Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved CBD as a treatment or cure for any condition.

My Workplace Has a Drug Testing Policy. Can I Still Use a CBD Supplement?

Taking a CBD supplement should not cause a positive drug test. If you are a professional athlete or work in a field that requires mandatory drug testing, though, you can buy certified THC-free CBD products for an extra measure of certainty. A CBD product with a THC-free certification does not contain even trace amounts of THC.

How Do I Use a CBD Supplement?

Manufacturers of CBD supplements submit their products to laboratories for testing to determine their potency. When you buy a CBD product, you can check the package to determine how much the CBD supplement contains.

Use the dosing instructions on the package as a guide, and adjust the dosage if the product isn’t achieving the desired effect. There is no known dosage of CBD that’s dangerous or lethal.

Will I Feel Anything When I Use CBD?

Probably not. Because CBD isn’t psychoactive, it doesn’t produce the same overt effects that cannabis does. If you take CBD for a specific condition, your best way to gauge how you feel from taking CBD is to examine the severity of your condition.

Are you living a more normal life? Do you have less of a need for other medications and supplements? If you can answer “yes” to either of those questions, CBD is probably working for you.

It’s important to note that we don’t fully understand the body’s cannabinoid receptors or how those receptors respond to CBD. Some people report extremely positive results from taking CBD supplements. Others report no results at all.

Although there is a growing body of scientific studies suggesting that CBD has real health benefits, none of those benefits — except for one, which is very close to receiving approval — have been confirmed by the FDA. Much of the evidence of CBD’s effectiveness is anecdotal and not backed by peer-reviewed studies.

Does CBD Have Any Health Benefits?

Scientists are still in the initial research stages of learning what CBD can do. There are studies, though, suggesting that CBD can benefit people with conditions including chronic pain, anxiety, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

One area in which CBD has produced extremely promising results is in the treatment of lifelong seizure disorders. For some seizure disorder patients, CBD has proven more effective than existing prescription medications.

One CBD-based medication — Epidiolex — is already available in some nations for the treatment of seizure disorders. Epidiolex has not yet received FDA approval in the United States, but it has the “Fast Track” status because it treats a condition for which no effective medication is currently available.

Fast Track status doesn’t guarantee that the FDA will approve the drug, but it does guarantee that the FDA will process the application quickly when the manufacturer submits it.

What Types of CBD Products Are Available?

Producers of CBD supplements render the product as an oil, a tincture or an oil-soluble powder. Since CBD is available in several different forms, manufacturers can create CBD products to satisfy virtually any need.

You can find oral CBD supplements such as capsules, edible products like gummies, topical products like lotions and more. You may find that one form is CBD is more effective — or at least more convenient — for you than other forms.

Final Thoughts

Is CBD poised to become the next wonder supplement? If you ask the people who claim to have experienced health benefits from it, the answer is a resounding “Yes.”

Since there are also no confirmed cases of CBD having caused harm, you have little to lose by trying it. Depending on your situation, you may find CBD supplementation extremely beneficial. At worst, you’ll experience nothing at all from using it.

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