Celebrities Who Vape Instead of Smoke

Celebrities Who Vape Instead of Smoke

E-Cigarettes and E-Cigars Are Perfect for Celebrities Who Vape Instead of Smoke!

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Why? Because as you know, regular cigarettes come with a laundry list of complications.

Cigarettes are specifically bad for actors and the production sets because…

  • They stink up the venue. Cigarette and cigar smoke lingers long after they’re butted out, not only on the set, but in the actors’ clothes and hair.
  • If an actor doesn’t light up the cigarette or cigar it’s not a convincing prop;
  • Possibility of fires on the set;
  • Many non-smoking actors and actresses don’t want anything to do with smoking.

But wait! Some of the best, most realistic and classic characters of stage and screen smoke! What should we do?

Vaping On Screen! by Grey Haze.

That’s where electronic cigarettes and electronic cigars come into play – they are the perfect solution for directors and performers who don’t want to use real cigarettes. These devices are perfect to create a completely real-looking effect without any adverse effects on the actors or the set.

Electronic Cigarettes for Theatre

An electronic cigarette or vapor cigarette produces vapor, which looks exactly the same as the real thing. The most notable difference is it produces no odor. E-cigarettes contain no tar so the vapor just evaporates into thin air.

This is what makes them perfect for theatre directors who need their characters to smoke when on stage. The last thing a director wants is for their characters to appear unbelievable or to make his actor uncomfortable and smell up the venue. That would take away from the audience’s experience and literally cause a stink!

No danger of fires. No one wants that in a packed venue for obvious reasons. E-cigarettes and e-cigars run on batteries. No lighter or matches required.

E-cigarettes and cigars are personal vaporizers that work by vaporizing small amounts of flavored liquid to create a vapor that simulates smoke. The liquid referred to as e-liquid or ejuice can come with or without nicotine.

A personal vaporizer is super easy to use. Just draw on the end like you would with a regular cigarette and inhale. On “Cig-a-like” devices the tip will light up and glow using LED lighting technology. The color of the LED light depends on the manufacturer. Most of the newer devices will glow blue. Older cig-a-likes glowed red to more closely simulate a genuine cigarette.

The device will produce vapor which looks indistinguishable from smoke; but as noted before it is completely harmless and doesn’t smell!

Celebrities Who Vape Are Lower Risk Than Actual Smokers

With an e-cigarette or e-cigar, an actor does not put themselves or others at risk. The performance will look great, the actor will be able to immerse themselves more effectively in their character, and no one will have to worry; it’s a win-win situation for all concerned.

Non-Smoking Actors Can Be Celebrities Who Vape While in Character

Actors being asked to smoke cigarettes or cigars for a role can create a real dilemma. They want the roles they but if they don’t smoke at all, they would not want to start. That’s why actors use e-cigarettes and e-cigars for movie props.

They’re also great for cosplay!

See this great video by professional cosplayer Abby Darkstar. It’ll will give you some ideas and helpful tips!

Using electronic cigarettes for cosplay, theater or film is a great alternative from smoking! It protects the health of those working on a production set without sacrificing a believable look. There is no fire risk.

They can simply be enjoyed mostly anywhere, circumventing smoking ban codes and allowing actors and actresses to become their characters on stage and wow their audiences.

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