Charging Your LOGIC eCig Batteries

Charging Your LOGIC eCig Batteries

A lot of people use a disposable electronic cigarette when they’re trying eCigs out for the first time. That’s a good idea when you’re trying to find the best personal vaporizer to quit smoking. Once you start buying rechargeables though, you’ll have to charge your eCig batteries about once a day or so.

How to Charge the eCig Batteries

LOGIC eCigs, like with most other what I call “standard” eCigarette starter kits come with a USB charger that attaches to the cartridge end of the battery. You just unscrew the cartridge and screw on the adapter.

Once you have the adapter attached, you can either plug it into a wall outlet using a USB wall adapter, or you can plug it right into your computer’s USB port.

If you’re traveling in your car, you can use the vehicle’s cigarette lighter with a USB car charger adapter.

It’s a good idea to have both the wall charger and the car charger adapters on hand in case you’re somewhere where you don’t have access to a computer port.

If your starter kit didn’t come with any type of a charger, or only the car charger, you can pick up other adapters on line, like at


How Do You Know When Your eCig Batteries Need Charged?

With the LOGIC eCigs and other similar models, it’s pretty easy. When you take a puff and that blue or green light at the ends starts flashing instead of just turning off, it’s time to recharge.


Or if you’re noticing you’re not getting the strong “hit” like you usually do, even if the light isn’t flashing, the battery is probably getting low. If you have two batteries and your other one is already fully charged, switch batteries and check the cartridge.

If the cartridge is still full and giving you a good hit and lots of vapor, then you need to charge the batteries.

How Long Should You Leave the eCig Batteries on a Charger?

Once you plug the battery into your charger, no matter how you’re charging it – using the car charger, computer or wall charger, the blue or green light will light up. It should be done charging and ready to use when the light goes out.

It usually takes anywhere from two to four hours to get a good charge but you shouldn’t leave the battery on for more than four hours, and definitely don’t leave them charging overnight!

But as an example of how good the LOGIC eCig brands are, I’ve forgotten my batteries were charging and left them on for anywhere from six to eight hours and they’re still fine. I just would NOT advise doing that on purpose!

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