Choosing a Vape Mod

Choosing a Vape Mod

Whether you’re an experienced vaper or a beginner this checklist should help evaluate your needs when choosing a vape mod.

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Choosing a Vape Mod that Works for You

Everyone’s need are different. Some vapers are just starting out while others are a lot more experienced. Whether you’re an experienced vaper or a beginner this checklist should help evaluate your needs when choosing a vape mod.

If you’re a beginner you most likely don’t want too many feature that can be overbearing when all you want to do is vape. The more experienced vaper will usually have owned at least one basic vape mod and is wondering what’s next.

As you begin to become more accustomed to using a vape mod you may start wondering how exactly you can start perfecting the experience and taking it to the next level.

You can stare down the big list of specifications listed on some of the best advanced vape mods but you’re still left with questions.

What the heck do these things mean? Do I need or want these features?

Choosing a vape mod that you’ll be comfortable with can seem pretty difficult. There are so many considerations to take in to account. Many of the features you might not need at all.

There also might be a high price tag on that advanced mod because of the technology and extra integrations.

Temperature Control


Temperature control is a feature geared towards vape users who want to start experimenting with different types of coil wire. Most common, you can find coils in Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel. Using different types of coils can effect taste and prolong battery life.

However, applying too much wattage or heat to these wires can have disastrous results. When choosing a vape mod with Temp control it’s important to apply the correct temperature to these wires. If you don’t have Temperature control then it is advised not to use these types of wires with your vape mod.

Removable Batteries

Being able to remove your batteries might not be the best idea if you are a beginner to E-Cigs. There are a lot of advantages such as being able to just keep an extra set of batteries on you if your vape mod should die.

But it also might require you to purchase an extra battery charger. Many mods may have a USB micro port that allows you to charge your batteries.

The only problem is that most charging from mods don’t support even charging. Meaning that one battery may get fully charged and the other battery doesn’t.

Gold Features

  • Gold Plated 510 Connection
  • Gold Plated Battery door terminals

choosing a vape mod gold
Lots of vape mods are starting to integrate gold plated components. These components allow better conductivity and more stable connections. The last thing you want is for your mod to short out. This will break your mod.

While the risk is not very high at all, it is a little more important if you are shopping for a mechanical mod with a hybrid connection. A hybrid connection is less stable because it relies upon the atomizer directly and securely making contact with a battery.

Touch Screen

No more buttons! Simply touch the screen to navigate through all of your menus settings. Removing the buttons mean less pieces that can break. This is a great idea. When you’re dealing with something like tanks and E-Juice there is a huge potential for leaks. Getting E-Juice in your buttons can spell disaster for your vape mod.

If you’re looking for this feature you may want to stay on the side of caution. A touch screen with low sensitivity and no other way to adjust settings will turn your mod in to a paper weight.

Voice Control

Voice control is a neat new feature. You have the ability to navigate menus and adjust the setting on your mod by speaking to it. It’s like Siri inside your vape mod! Except… It’s not Siri. It’s a great concept but the technology might not be quite up to snuff.
If you don’t have any issues with your fingers you might not want to base you buying decision on this feature alone. Unless you are certain the vape mod is not going to ignore you.

Fancy Chipset

Choosing a vape mod with a fancy chipset, names like DNA and YiHi. These chipsets are usually only found on higher end advanced modes. They aren’t defined the set of features or abilities that your advanced mod will be able to perform.

However, they do tend to have a lot of features you might not find without those chips. Most notably things like Curve mode and memory mode.

The most important thing to note is that they provide better accuracy. For example if you feel like your vape mod isn’t firing at the wattage you set it at, you might want to look into a DNA, YiHi, or other high end vape device.

Bypass Mode

This tends to be a feature that more experienced vapers look for. Bypass mode is a way to switch your advanced mod in to an unregulated mod. These are also known as mechanical mods.

If you use a Bypass mod you are essentially turning off wattage regulations. You will not be able to adjust the power setting. Instead the mod will use the full voltage that is remain in your battery and apply it to the atomizer when fired. This is the way mechanical mods function.

Wrap Up on Choosing a Vape Mod

There are really a ton more vape device specifications that we could go over but these are some of the most important that experienced and beginner vapers should consider.

Mega Vaper has a full vape term glossary in case you need more information about a specific mod feature. We hope that you are a little more equipped now to select a vaping device.

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Jason Cooper is a vaper who enjoy tinkering with all of the latest vape technology. While not vaping he enjoy write about the newest trends in the vape world. If you enjoyed this article I suggest you go check him out at Mega Vaper.

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