Choosing Your First E-Cigarette – A Beginner’s Guide

Choosing Your First E-Cigarette – A Beginner’s Guide

Wondering how to start choosing your first e-cigarette? Here’s a beginner’s guide with six tips to help you get it right.

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Choosing Your First E-Cigarette-A Beginner’s Guide

The industry of electronic cigarettes is booming, leaving many e-cig beginners and seasoned smokers with plenty of options. There’s a wide range of e-cigarette manufacturers and suppliers each with their own products and accessories for consumers.

So when choosing your first e-cigarette, how do you know which one is right for you? Here’s a list of six tips to help you decide on which electronic cigarette to buy.

1. Choose a Trusted Brand

There’s a misconception that every ecig manufacturer develops and manufactures its own product. This isn’t true. Yes, there are some ecig makers who do their own research and development.

However, other small players simply buy their products from other manufacturers, and private label them. It is therefore vital to conduct your own research and know something about the brand that you want to buy.

2. Price Can Be a Factor

One of the golden rules in choosing your e-cigarette is – don’t go cheap! Clearly, you will come across high quality e-cigarette brands at a fair price. However, when you’re first starting out, don’t consider the price as the absolute factor. A great way to have a good feel of each brand is to buy a disposable ecig. It’s a smart idea to try first before buying.

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3. Decide Which Type is Right For You

There are different types of electronic cigarettes available on the market. First, know if you want a style that uses refillable Clearomizers or one that comes with pre-filled cartomizers.

A lot of newbies start out with one that uses pre-filled cartomizers and then later transition to an eGo style or a mechanical mod that uses refillable Clearomizers. With all these options, narrow down your choices by deciding the qualities that are most important to you and best meet your needs.

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4. Consider the Nicotine Level

When buying your first ecig, it’s a smart idea to decide how much nicotine you actually need. For heavy smokers, you may look for a brand that offers 24mg nicotine. It will surely satisfy your cravings and the battery won’t get drained easily. If you are reducing your nicotine intake, you can start with 12mg or lower.

5. Check Out Honest ecig Review

Seriously, there are hundreds of honest ecig reviews you can find online. But choose an unbiased one. If a review site doesn’t provide upfront stats on the ecig brand or accessories and displays limited information, it is likely that this website may not have really tested the product. Look for highly-esteemed reviews that provide complete and honest information for a better informed decision.

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6. Know How Long the Battery Will Last

What’s the good of an ecig whose battery easily gets drained? Typically, you’ll come across ecig batteries that endure 200 and 300 puffs. Most beginner kits come with two or more batteries, so you can have a spare one in case your current ecig battery runs out.

In Summary

When buying your first e-cig, your vaping habits and personality will make a difference on your choice. For this reason, be sure to do your legwork and choose smartly from the wide range of e-cigarettes in the marketplace. You should have a variety of choices to experiment with as you become a seasoned vaper.

Author Bio (OVALE USA)

OVALE is a joint venture established by a European Pharmacy Chain in Italy. It is recognized as one of the largest and most reputed e-cigarette manufacturer and Korean distribution firms in the world. OVALE aims to help the e-cig industry skyrocket by providing top quality ecig brands and accessories for the diverse ecig communities.

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It designs state-of-the-art technology, including the eGo-C starter kit, to take on the challenges of electronic cigarette users like frequent refills and battery life. Ultimately, its goal is to satisfy the various tastes of every electronic cigarette consumer.

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