Cigarette Giant Launches Pro-Vaping Campaign

Cigarette Giant Launches Pro-Vaping Campaign

The world’s largest tobacco company has embarked on a campaign to help people stop smoking and take up vaping instead — and it’s pouring millions of pounds into the effort to make sure its message hits home.

Guest post by William Furney

Cigarette Giant Launches Campaign to Get People Vaping

Philip Morris, maker of the Marlboro and many other brands of cigarettes, and whose global revenues last year amounted to a massive $78.1 billion, is focusing its stop-smoking efforts in the United Kingdom for now.

It’s tempting to think that the company might be doing all this, and spending £2 million on a publicity campaign, for the good of people’s health. But the fact is that its cigarette market in the UK is, well, going up in smoke, and the tobacco giant is racing to introduce vaping products to shore up its revenues there.

The campaign is called Hold My Light and offers information and support to help smokers finally kick their unhealthy habit and get healthier — and to do so with relative ease — by taking up vaping instead.

With e-cigarettes, smokers still get the nicotine they want, but they avoid all the many toxic and cancer-causing chemicals that are found in tobacco smoke.

Quitting with Vapes

“This campaign breaks new ground, which is an important next step in our company going smoke-free and ultimately stop selling cigarettes,” Philip Morris chief Peter Nixon said. “There are more options than ever before for smokers to give up cigarettes, but often they don’t realise that alternatives, like e-cigarettes and heated tobacco, are a better choice than continuing to smoke,” he said.

“Our research has shown that smokers want personal support from friends and family if they are to give up cigarettes — and that is what Hold My Light is designed to offer.”

Smokers are encouraged to create an account on the Hold My Light website and document their stop-smoking journey — as well as invite family and friends to comment. This, the campaign hopes, will have the effect of keeping a person trying to stop smoking motivated.

“Hold My Light is about giving up cigarettes for 30 days,” declares the campaign, which also says vaping is “a new way to go smoke-free.” It adds: “If you do it for a month, you’re five times more likely to do it for good. And it introduces support from the people around you, which could increase your chance of succeeding.”

Switching to Vaping

The UK’s population is just over 66 million, and some 9.4 million people still smoke. That’s a lot of smokers, but their number has been falling in the last few years, while, at the same time, the amount of people vaping has been on the rise and is now around 3 million.

This marked shift from smoking to vaping is what has the big tobacco companies worried, and it’s the reason they’re trying to get people to use their vaping products, as consumers increasingly turn to e-cigarettes they can easily get from a reputable vape shop online.

The internet is also an invaluable source for all kinds of information for people who have never used e-cigarettes and may be searching for vape reviews so that they can find the advice and types of e-liquid best suited to them.

And it’s a safe bet that as more people realise that smoking is among the worst possible things they can do and that vaping is a real alternative to help them easily give up, and for good, the numbers of smokers around the world will continue to decline, as the amount of vapers keeps on growing.

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