Committed to Vaping – Top 10 Tips

Committed to Vaping – Top 10 Tips

Many people who try to transition to ecigs from cigarettes find it hard to get committed to vaping. They get so frustrated because it doesn’t seem to be working for them and they say ‘Forget it; I’ll just keep smoking.’

Don’t give up! Elena Tahora with Infinite Vapour E-liquid and E-juice has 10 tips for new vapers that will help make the transition go more smoothly. You’ll be committed to vaping in no time!

Try These 10 Tips to Get Committed To Vaping

Vaping may not be everyone. But for people who want to quit smoking or replace it with a healthier alternative, vaping can be everything. Smokers are frequently discouraged from switching to vaping completely.

They believe vaping is more work than lighting a conventional cigarette. However, exploring options before choosing the right vaping device for you is definitely worth trying.

Here are 10 tips to commit to using E-cigarettes:

1. Choose the Best Device

People don’t prefer using vape devices because they have probably never used the right device. What smokers must understand is that there are several different models of E-cigarettes available in the market. Each one of these offers a different experience.

Try a few devices before you know which E-cigarette is best to satisfy your needs.

committed to vaping device

2. Strike a Balance between Ease of Use and Satisfaction

Many people find vapes to be too complicated for long-term use. But when you get down to the basics, some vapes offer simple functionality to adjust the power you send to an atomizer.

The quicker you get to know how to use your vape device, the more satisfaction you will get from vaping.

3. Use Your Willpower to Get Committed to Vaping

Vaping is anything but a magic pill to help you quit smoking. You will also need a strong will and the desire to give up smoking and adapt to vaping.

In simple words, it’s easy to fall back into old habits if you don’t have strong willpower.

4. Try Out New E-juice Flavors

When you switch to vaping, the tobacco-flavored e-liquid is a good choice to begin with. But as time passes, you can also try out some different e-juice flavors so you do not quit vaping after trying it for the first time.

When you get used to it, the sweet and fruity flavors become more enjoyable and the desire to taste tobacco again fades away gradually. Branching out into unique and new flavors will help to quit smoking and take up vaping for good.

committed to vaping flavor

5. Get Support

Whether it is from your family, friends or other vapers you know, getting support acts as a fuel to remain committed to vaping. Learn as much as you can about the positive effects of vaping.

At the same time, get to know how smoking conventional cigarettes harm your body.

6. Try the Dual Approach

It is virtually impossible to go from a pack a day to nothing at all. You can try the dual approach by mixing vaping with smoking to get started.

Many vapers that have quit smoking once began their vaping journey with this method. They cut down on their traditional smoking sessions and reduced the number of cigarettes eventually. Just make sure you are vaping more and smoking less.

7. Get the Right Amount of Nicotine

Nicotine is a crucial aspect of vaping, but some people fail to choose the right level for getting the satisfaction they yearn.

You can achieve a balance by chewing tobacco initially to curb the urge of lighting up a cigarette. However, make sure it is only temporary and when you find yourself completely committed to vaping, stop using these smokeless options to get a ‘nicotine high.’

8. Vape the Right Way

Many first-time vapers are unaware that vaping requires slower and longer puffs than smoking to get 100% satisfaction. Studies observed that when vapers puffed slowly, they got more nicotine.

Try different puffing styles and you will get to know how to get more satisfaction with the correct vaping style.

9. The Right PG/VG Mix

Throat hit depends on the balance between PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine) in the e-liquid of your E-cigarette.

The power settings and Nicotine play an important role but the PG/VG ratio is equally important. See what works best for you by trying out different approaches.

10. Focus On the Benefits

It is easier to be motivated when you know the pros and cons. It helps to focus on the positive aspects of vaping and the negative outcomes of smoking traditional cigarettes.

Use this information to be motivated to get committed to vaping. Don’t be put off by the media’s exaggerated reports about the harms of vaping as the benefits are often downplayed to promote cigarette brands and companies.

About the Author:

A vaper for five years and a little wild explorer at heart who lives to eat, Elena Tahora takes great pleasure in her travels all over the world, and even greater (guilty) pleasure in delectable dishes from exotic cafes in Turkey to swanky tapas houses in Malta.

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An avid cook and baker, she can be found in the kitchen whipping up dishes and trying out new recipes, when she isn’t traveling or working at her actual day-job.

Elena is also currently working at Infinite Vapour E-liquid and E-juice as content writer.

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