Custom TShirts Evolution and Craze

Custom TShirts Evolution and Craze

Christmas is coming and what better novel gift to give your vaping friends than custom Tshirts? But first, let’s look at the t-shirt evolution and craze over the last 70+ years.

Tshirts Humble Beginnings as Soldiers’ Underwear

Back in the early 1930s, European military wore these shirts under their uniforms. Since they were made of light cotton, the trend quickly moved to the US and were supplied to the military as standard issue items.

They’re still a staple in military uniforms, though not thought of as underwear today. In fact, you can buy tees with the different branches of military logos on them. It’s another way of branding and saying you’re proud of our armed forces.

custom tshirts evolution usmc

Bad Boys of the 50s Era

Thanks to James Dean, Marlon Brando and even Elvis, these short-sleeved garments transformed into a 50s hot fashion statement. Mostly worn with a pair of old denim jeans, you often saw the “bad boys” had a pack of cigarettes rolled up in one sleeve.


1960’s – Psychedelic Tie Dye Custom Tshirts

The Hippies of the 60s transformed the plain white t-shirts into colorful and sometimes mesmerizing creations using a tie-dye method. Today, you can buy t-shirts already tie-dyed in a wide variety of designs.

Other forms of the shirts made their debut in the 60s also: muscle shirts, which are sleeveless, V-neck and tank styles.

1970’s – Back in Black, Surfing and Disco Fever Custom Tshirts

Ah, the 70s.

By the 70s, the t-shirt evolution and craze was in full swing, especially in black. The black background allowed for screen printing the logos of popular rock bands like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, just to name a few.

Along with the music industry, surfing brands embraced the t-shirt craze as well, branding their lines with their logos. Not to be left out, athletic companies like Adidas, Puma, Nike and Reebock got in on the movement and used their branded Ts to gain prominence.

The 70s was also the decade when many now-familiar mottos and sayings started showing up on the shirts – “Shit Happens,” “I Love NY,” and the ever-popular Smiley face.

Movies like Saturday Night Fever brought in the tight tshirt craze worn with flared pants and jeans. And Fonzie reintroduced the 50s blank white T.

1980’s – A New T-Shirt Evolution and Craze in Video

The 80s era brought in the New Romantic movement in the music industry and saw the simple T-shirt fade out in place of more classic long-sleeved shirts worn by the band “Flock of Seagulls.”

In stark contrast, the full tilt Punk rock movement wore torn up black tees, boots, body piercings and a whole lot of hair gel.

Other variations of the T saw Bruce Springsteen revive the simple “bad boy” look while Armani created a fashion statement opting to wear the tee beneath a suit jacket.

1990’s – Music Continues Its Influence

Hip Hop, Rap and Grunge used tees in a variety of ways, opting for sleeveless tees with baggy pants or dark shirts with a worn appearance.

21st Century Brands and Beyond

The T-shirt evolution and craze keeps on with more custom tshirts. You can buy just about any style of tees today, from the 50s plain tee to the loose tee of the 80s and the tight tee of the 90s.

custom tshirts today

Custom T-shirts are given away at music concerts, sporting events, as fundraisers; the list is endless and so are the brands.

Additionally, T-shirts are a normal part of uniforms today from diner staff to spas and gyms and anything in between.

You can even launch your own Custom Tshirts shop online with the help of a few sites like Teespring, Spreadshirt, Café Press or Amazon Merch.

The old saying, ‘The Sky’s the Limit’ is a perfect analogy for these versatile garments. Whatever you want to say, express or promote, get in on the custom T-shirts evolution and craze yourself and say it on a Tee!

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