DIY E-Liquid Flavors for Home Brewers

DIY E-Liquid Flavors for Home Brewers

There’s a growing consensus about pairing DIY e-liquid flavors that are more likely to result in a truly memorable e-juice. Some flavors are just more versatile than others.

Guest post from David Endle, Senior Freelance Writer for Mist UK

E-liquid Pairings for DIY Home Brewers

Stepping into a vape store these days is a bit like walking into a sweet-shop for grown-ups – a comprehensive galaxy of different fruity, creamy and mentholated e-liquids to choose from.

The sheer range of flavours can be almost overwhelming at times, with more and more lines and ranges of e-liquid hitting the stores every week. For the coil-building DIY enthusiast however, this range of premixed e-liquids presents only the threshold of flavour country.

Home-brewed DIY e-liquid flavors are getting more popular by the day, with more and more vapers experimenting with re-buildable coil setups like RDAs and RTAs, who find themselves blown away by the unmatched depth and intensity of flavour that a self-wrapped and freshly doused coil provides.

Brewing your own e-liquid is a simple affair, requiring just a small amount of e-liquid mixing equipment. And all you’ll need to get started is:

  • Food grade VG and PG
  • Empty containers for measuring and storage
  • Nicotine shots
  • High-quality flavour concentrates to experiment with

DIY E-Liquid Flavors-To Pair or Not to Pair

There are some useful tips to consider before leaping headfirst into the world of home-brewed e-liquids. First and foremost, not all e-liquid pairings make for good matches. You wouldn’t dip an eclair in mint sauce, right? Don’t make the mistake of thinking that two good flavours are guaranteed to pair well.

Chocolate and bubble gum both taste great, but there’s a reason no one tries to put the two together. Just use common sense and ask yourself: if these flavours were the ingredients in a dish, would you eat it?

Luckily the vaping community has always been one fuelled by innovation, passion and creativity, and as DIY e-liquid grows in popularity, vapers have begun to share recipes, which has led to a growing consensus regarding which e-liquid flavour pairings are more likely to result in a truly memorable e-juice.

Versatility in E-liquid Flavors

Some flavours are more versatile than others. For instance, one of the most popular matches is apple and cinnamon, which blend into a festive-flavoured spiced fruit mix.

diy e-liquid apple

On the other hand, apple and lime also has great popularity, as it’s a summery taste which brings to mind sun-drenched afternoons sipping fruity ciders.

Home Brewing to Your Own Tastes

DIY e-liquid brewing is also a great way to experience flavours which, though tasty, are not provided by a great many e-liquid manufacturers, whose focus is on producing guaranteed best-sellers.

Nutty flavours can be hard to come across in pre-mixed e-liquid, but with the help of concentrates you can experience great mixtures such as almond and coffee, chocolate and hazelnut, and a huge number of other possibilities.

diy e-liquid flavors chocolate

The online DIY e-liquid community is thriving, so there’s never been a better time to start checking out the forums and seeing what brilliant new concoctions are being brewed all across the globe every day.

Who knows; maybe you’ll start seeing your own recipe being shared by other vapers, the hot new flavour staining coils worldwide!

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