Do Doctors Recommend Vaping?

Do Doctors Recommend Vaping?

Yes, some doctors recommend vaping, when they understand the science behind vaping devices.

“To be clear, I consider vaping to be vastly safer than smoking. For a smoker who can’t quit, there’s no question that vaping should be an automatic option.” – Dr. Brad Rodu


“If everybody who was smoking switched across completely to vaping using e-cigarettes, that would be a huge, huge health benefit.” – Dr. Nick Hopkinson, Royal College of Physicians Tobacco Advisory Group


I won’t get into the numbers and data in this blog post, but generally speaking, doctors recommend vaping over smoking if they’re more open minded about the science and harm reduction of tobacco.

For example, I mentioned to my primary care physician that I vaped, and he simply said, ‘That’s just as bad as smoking.’ I said, ‘No, no it’s not.’ And I left it at that. I wasn’t going to get into a major discussion about it because, unfortunately, too many doctors in the U.S. are tainted by the opposition and bad science.

Hospitals and Smoking Cessation Programs

If your doctor is part of a hospital’s health network, he or she may be inclined to refer patients to the network’s smoking cessation programs to get help with quitting.

Unfortunately, here in the U.S., most of our hospitals’ smoking cessation products rely on the misinformation provided by the Center of Disease Control that actually says that electronic cigarettes produce an “aerosol” that others can breathe in as the vaper exhales the aerosol.

This is false and misleading information, since no vape device produces pure aerosol.

“The visible cloud of e-cigarette exhalate normally disappears quickly. Thus, e-cigarette “vapor” is arguably not really stable enough to technically qualify as an aerosol.”

Harmful Second-hand Vapor?

I’ve even heard some hard-nosed doctors and scientists claim that this second-hand vapor contains particulates that non-vapers can breathe in from the exhaled vapor.

However, “calling liquid droplets “particles” is grossly misleading in the context of health science. It is like referring to table salt as “metallic poison” or to acetaminophen as a “mind altering substance”, either of which may be technically true depending on your definitions, but wildly misleading except in very odd contexts,” says by Carl V Phillips in his article “Science Lesson: what are vapor, aerosol, particles, liquids, and such?

Skewed and Misleading Science

There are many the scientific trials that prove that vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking and they can help people quit traditional cigarettes.

However, many doctors seem to want to turn a blind eye to the facts and instead continue to believe the skewed trial reports from the doctors who are associated with Big Tobacco and Big Pharma.

doctors recommend vaping roswell

Dr. Maciej Goniewicz, Assistant Professor of Oncology, Roswell Park Cancer Institute states, “For smokers who are currently smoking and tried quitting before and did not succeed, this might be the life saving device.”

Teens and Vaping vs. Smoking

Obviously, if you’ve never smoked at all, you shouldn’t start vaping. But, we all know that young people, teenagers mostly, almost always want to experiment, especially if either or both of their parents smoke.

That’s when I started smoking – at 15 years old. My father smoked, my grandmother smoked, and a lot of my friends in school started smoking very young. It looked cool; it made you feel cool and you wanted to fit in with the crowd.

When studies come out showing that teen vaping is on the rise, what reporters blatantly neglect to add is that teen smoking is going down. Instead, like in the video below, the reporter actually calls vaping a “deadly habit.” I’d much rather see a teen experiment with a vape device than a traditional tobacco cigarette.


The Bottom Line-Do Doctors Recommend Vaping?

Doctors recommend vaping only if they’re willing to open their minds to the reality that vaping is absolutely a way to quit smoking cigarettes and that it’s much, much safer than smoking.

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