E-cig Carrying Case by eGo

E-cig Carrying Case by eGo

What’s one of the most important accessories a vaper can have? An e-cig carrying case! Why? You want to keep your extra vape batteries and cartridges within easy reach and protected against damage or loss.

Where Is That Battery?

Not being able to find your backup battery when your primary battery drains is almost as bad as a smoker running out of cigarettes. If you’re a guy, you might be able to toss all your devices into your pants or jacket pocket, but that’s not keeping your stuff very well protected.


And women, how many of us simply toss the extra batteries, cartridges and charges into a purse pocket when we go out? Or maybe you have a special pocket set aside just for those accessories?

Even so, they don’t have much protection. You reach for a charger and a cartridge slips out of the pocket. You reach for a backup battery and the charger falls out.

If you’re driving, you don’t want to be feeling around in a dark pocket of your purse to find exactly what you’re looking for.

But with an e-cig carrying case, everything is in one place, easy to find and things you’re not looking for won’t fall out of it when you grab what it is you really need.

E-cig Carrying Case by eGo

eGo makes a vape pen travel case that’s perfect for men and women in a variety of colors. And no, they don’t look like a woman’s clutch purse either. They’re very stylish, compact, and sturdy, with enough pockets and bands to keep everything in place while you travel.

I usually carry a 30mL bottle of e-juice with me in a separate inner purse pocket, but with this case, I can instead prefill two or three Clearomizer cartridges and carry those in the case. And then place my empty cartridge securely inside to reuse later.

The case will even accommodate a travel wall charger. When we visit friends and family, inevitably I’ll have to charge a battery. But not all of the places you visit will have a USB wall charger handy for you to use, so it’s a good idea to keep one on hand. Instead of digging through a purse to find it though, it’s convenient to just open your e-cig carrying case and take the wall charger out.

I really love my new eGo e-cig carrying case and use it at home too, to keep my accessories from falling off the desk onto the floor or even if I’m going out to the living room and want my backups right on hand. Now they’re protected from accidental coffee spills or from accidentally falling off the chair or table to the floor where my dog might grab something and run off with it.

e-cig carrying case

Where to Buy an E-cig Carrying Case

I bought my e-cig carrying case from an eBay seller; they’re also available on Amazon and other online stores as well. You don’t have to specifically buy an eGo vape pen travel case. Many other brands are available, as well as unbranded cases. I just happen to love eGo products and got a great deal on mine.

You can even save some cash and pick up a used one that’s still like new. Unfortunately, there are people who start vaping then go back to smoking and end up selling all of their barely used accessories. You can’t go wrong even with a used vape pen travel case, that’s for sure.

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