E-Cig Health Benefits

E-Cig Health Benefits

Note: I may not agree with everything in this article about e-cig health benefits, but there are some things to consider when looking to switch from traditional cigarettes to ecigs.

Guest Article submitted by Andrew Murray

E-Cigarettes have been a hot debate in terms of e-cig health benefits.

In today’s world of Science and Health, e-cigarettes and vape products in particular are a hot topic. That is, as according to the CDC, one of the top three killers annually continues to be heart-attacks and COPD-related deaths — often caused by cigarette consumption.

The carcinogens and combustible dynamic to each and every cigarette is a nearly guaranteed way to damage the lung tissue, Celia, and damage lung cells in both the short and long-term.

In fact, those that continuously abuse cigarettes for years — often beyond the age of 40—can even suffer from collapsed lungs or early onset COPD — chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

E-Cigarettes have been a hot debate in terms of “e-cig health benefits.” But due to a lack of FDA approval and adequate scientific research, have not otherwise been able to yield longitudinal data to determine whether or not there are in fact “health benefits” per say, outside of the realistic health-based beneficiary changes if and when an individual stops using cigarettes and instead turns to e-cigarettes, box-mods, etc.

In fact, the increase in nicotine consumption—of vaping—can and has shown the capacity to trigger a harder habit, especially as e-cigarettes or vapes can be used in many indoor places—as opposed to cigarettes and their bans in many public places and of course indoors in many countries.

Those that have claimed to have quit smoking and switched to e-cigs or vape products have demonstrated a substantial (positive) increase in health, and the triggering of the body’s natural cleansing process from the minute that an individual has his or her last cigarette.

It is worth noting however that the combination of using regular tobacco cigarettes in combination with e-cigarettes is undoubtedly a surefire way to destroy your lungs and kill yourself quite quickly.

In fact, the over consumption of nicotine—regardless if done through cigarettes or vape products—can lead to allergic reactions, increased heart rate, blood pressure, seizures, and even death.

Loading up on this much nicotine is not smart, and has been reported to be fatal. Different kinds of e-juice have actually demonstrated to have the potential to harm and kill both lab-mice and human beings, and are especially hazardous to children.

e-cig health benefits

This is not to say that all e-juices are bad or dangerous, but rather to objectively demonstrate that it can be a ‘dangerous market’ since there are so many “unknown” products or ingredients out there — so stick with a trusted brand and provider!

The only question and concern with e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers in particular is that without FDA regulation, how can users ensure they are getting the most—healthy—experience from the one or various e-cigarettes or vape-juice products they use or are using?

For anyone serious about quitting smoking and getting the most out of their health and life, it’s most highly recommended to stay away from unregulated nicotine-based products. However, nicotine gum and patches continue to be proven most effective as nicotine cessation products.

The usage of e-cigarettes on the other hand does not appear to be a guaranteed measure by any means to quit smoking, and in fact can actually make circumstances worse–as many e-juices and vape products are customizable in the sense that a vape juice can be created using 8mg of nicotine or more, all the way up to nearly 28 milligrams, which mathematically speaking is not so much less in comparison to an entire pack of cigarettes (40mg cigarette pack v. 28mg e-juice bottle).

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This guest post was written by Andrew Murray, founder of bestsmokelesscigarettesreviews. Read online e-cig e-liquid vendors reviews and get coupon codes.

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