E-juice Flavors – What Your Favorite Says About You

E-juice Flavors – What Your Favorite Says About You

E-juice Flavors Guest Post by Nicolas Mercier.

What Your Favorite E-Juice Flavors Say About You

Whether you have a sweet tooth or are always asking for salty popcorn at the cinema, everyone has a preference for flavors. But have you ever wondered what your taste buds say about you?

Here’s what we think about the different flavor preferences and what they mean:

Vanilla E-Juice Flavors

They don’t call it vanilla sex for nothing. Plain and straight to the point, the appeal in vanilla is its sense of familiarity and certainty.

e-juice flavors vanilla

Vanilla e-juice flavors are soothing and make you feel at home.

If you find yourself choosing vanilla all the time, you’re probably contented and secure. You know what you like, and take comfort in the little pleasures of life.

But you’re also sophisticated enough to understand the difference between a good vanilla and a bad one. In other words, if something feels right, it must be right.

Chocolate E-Juice Flavors

e-juice flavors chocolate

The goodness of cocoa has been documented since the Mayans first discovered it. But if chocolate is one of your favorite e-juice flavors, you know that the health benefits are simply a bonus.

Fun-loving and easygoing, chocolate lovers are often the life of the party. You’re also a little flirtatious, knowing when and how to seek the right attention.

Your charm and confidence makes nothing too big to conquer, and oh, did that hot guy on the next table just give you a double take?

Chocolate can be extremely sinful at times…

Fruity E-Juice Flavors

From berries to zesty citrus e-juice flavors, if there’s a fruit option, that’s your choice. Fun and bubbly probably describes you best, always injecting colour into the things you do.

e-juice flavors fruit

Smoothie bowls are the epitome of a fun and colourful fruit dish! You’re a morning person, and love the joy that radiates from the sun. Your positive, carefree energy easily rubs off onto others, and you’re more than happy to give it away freely.

Spicy E-Juice Flavors

It’s trendy. Ramen aside, you can get that spicy high in almost any form of food, even drinks these days. Not everyone can take that kick that makes your nose stuffy and tears roll, though.

e-juice flavors spicy

Always venturing into unknown territories, you’re an adventure and thrill-seeker whose unafraid to take risks. After all, nothing’s too hot for you to tackle.

Menthol/Mint E-Juice Flavors

You either love it, or hate it. Mint lovers aren’t invested in maintaining the status quo.

e-juice flavors mint

Add a dash of daring to your vaping by looking out for high mint e-juice flavors.

Your inquisitive nature can get you into a bit of trouble sometimes, but people around you secretly wish they had the same courage. Honest and true to yourself, you know that life’s too short to be living a lie.

Matcha (Green Tea) E-Juice Flavors

If you’re thankful that Japan decided to conquer the world, one matcha at a time, you’re probably a very zen person.

e-juice flavors tea

Calm and unwavering, you’re always in control of your life. Opinionated yet humble and reserved, you know when to speak and when to listen.

Like vanilla, the Matcha lover knows when they’re being fooled, so if you’re going to befriend a Matcha lover, make sure you bring the right offering, or don’t bring it at all.

What’s your favorite e-juice flavor? Leave a comment below!

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