E-liquid Manufacturers and Vape Shops

E-liquid Manufacturers and Vape Shops

There are a few things that prospective e-liquid manufacturers need to know if they’re going to sell ejuice in their vape shops. Vape shop owner and e-liquid producer Samarth Shaw shares his knowledge in the guest post below.

What should you know about the e-juices if you want to be e-liquid manufacturers and sell e-juices in your vape shops

In picking up the dashing field of e-liquid manufacturing, which has quite a risk in it, no one can be compared with the young entrepreneurs. Young entrepreneurs all over the world are actually doing a wonderful job as e-liquid manufacturers!

They are choosing such a field which has been chosen less because of some social stigma or some other reasons. E-juices are one of them.

Who Uses E-Juices?

E-juices are mostly consumed by the young people, especially the students and the youngsters who have just entered the working life.

Surprisingly, the parents also don’t prevent them much like they do when their children smoke. This is due to the notion in many people that smoking is much unhealthier than vaping. Well, this concept arises due to the use of vape juices.

E-liquid is the major material that has transformed the vaping machines into something acceptable. There are reasons behind this–

The Flavor: Yes, this is the major cause of acceptance, because e-juices generally contain sweet flavors which produce a sweet vapor that reduces combustion and soothes the throat instead.

The Fragrance: The smoky, undesirable smell is gone. E-liquids are quite eco-friendly and you can vape in a public place too, really!

The Contents: Most of the e-liquids contain Propylene Glycol or PG and Vegetable Glycerine or VG instead of simple nicotine or tobacco.

The Usage: Using e-juices give us pleasure and soothes our throat instead of producing ignition. The smell also cools our body and the smoke doesn’t irritate others around us while vaping.

E-liquid Manufacturers – Know Your Ingredients

Broadly, we can divide e-juice bases into two types. PG & VG. The juices containing PG or Propylene Glycol produce a throat hit which many vapers like and want.

PG based vape juices produce a thin layer of vapor that can easily dissipate into the air and dissolves in the throat quickly. PG itself has no color, odor or taste, that’s why some companies add artificial sweeteners into the PG juice that adds a sweet taste to the PG juice.

To be very frank, PG juices have some drawbacks too. When it dissolves into the throat, it produces a throat hit that many people may like and can be allergic to many people too. People with throat problems or throat diseases or asthma should avoid PG juices.

On the other hand, the VG juices have a quite milder approach to the throat because it contains a semi-natural product, i.e., vegetable glycerine.

It is for the people who love to vape but don’t love that throat hit. As VG itself is sweet, so the blend of fruit juice extract makes it more palatable. VG produces a comparatively condensed & milkier vapor. It is also not so allergic or cause any other problem.

The mixture of these vapors provides you both the throat hit and the pleasurable sweet vapor that takes your senses.

e-liquid manufacturers vapor

What Turns E-juice into Vapor? Know Your Atomizer

The atomizer is the equipment that transforms e-juice into vapor. The battery heats the liquid and produces the vapor. So, a knowledge of the atomizer is also important.

RDA or ReBuildable Atomizers can be rebuilt easily and you can reassemble them. RTA or Rebuildable Tank Atomizer has a tank to store the liquid and you can refill it whenever required.

While, in RDA or Rebuildable Drip Atomizer, you have to make the coil and the wick. There are many RBAs that are transparent and you can see through the level of liquid consumed from it.

As e-liquid manufacturers, there is much more to know which can’t be covered in this one article. So, wait for the next one.

Author Bio: Samarth Shaw is the owner of VapeKart. He makes various types of vape juices on customer requirement in his laboratory.

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