E-Liquid Regulations in the UK

E-Liquid Regulations in the UK

Included in the Tobacco Products Directive in the UK are e-liquid regulations that could limit choices for vapers and adversely impact smokers who might otherwise quit and switch to vaping.

In this guest post by Reuben Smith in the UK, we’ll look at some of these e-liquid regulations and their drawbacks in the vaping industry.

Do E-Liquid Regulations Damage a Smoker’s Health?

Vaping is now widely considered a highly effective method of smoking cessation, if not the best.

After receiving numerous backings from the scientific, health and medical communities, vaping has been widely popularised and is now utilised by well over 2 million people in the UK alone.

As smokers continue to realise the health benefits of switching to vaping, thousands of people have ditched traditional cigarettes successfully.

However, this hasn’t stopped regulators changing the rules for vapers and smokers, with the Tobacco Products Directive officially being implemented on May 20th.

TPD and EU E-Liquid Regulations on Sizes


Among the EU e-liquid regulations, mainly impacting traditional tobacco, are various sizing restrictions, which are likely to cause price alterations.

E-liquid, widely popular and with numerous flavours available from retailers, will be capped at 10ml per bottle. There has also been much scrutiny into the impact of e-liquid flavours on children.

Also, tanks have not escaped the wrath of the European Union, and will be capped at 2ml. There will be health warnings on the packaging of vaping products, too.

TPD May Cause More Harm Than Good!

Multiple sources have indicated that vaping is safer than smoking, perhaps most famously Public Health England, who have labelled vaping 95% safer than smoking.

Moreover, it has been reported that vaping does not cause damage to DNA in the way that smoking does.

It has been reported by The Observer that the new laws in the UK are damaging vaping’s success, indicating that some vapers who have worked to quit smoking could be forced to reconvene their old habits.

Richard Hyslop, chief executive of the Independent British Vape Trade Associates believes that the continual process of having to refill the device and carry more stuff could be construed as an annoyance.

“From a public health point of view, vaping succeeds or fails on the number of smokers who switch to it,” he said. “If you’re looking at vaping compared to smoking, with smoking you just take a cigarette out of the packet and light it. With vaping you’ve got to have all this kit and keep refilling because the tank’s so small and the bottle size is so much smaller.”

“There’s already an informal economy in cloned devices and poor-quality stuff. Now people wanting to buy devices with bigger tanks or liquid in a bottle that’s bigger than 10ml won’t be able to buy it legitimately in the UK but will be able to go to grey or informal areas and buy it.”

Graham McKenzie, the international operations manager for a major e-cigarette provider, says “vaping and e-cigarettes provide an alternative to people who are trying to quit smoking for their health.

“However, stricter regulations and controls, along with any changes to pricing that may follow, could cause those considering vaping to be put off.”

The US FDA’s Vaping and E-Liquid Regulations May Create a Black Market for Vapers

It has been suggested in the USA that the Food and Drug Administration’s regulation could create a black market, and turn vapers back to smoking.

It certainly appears that there is a valid case for arguing that vaping regulations can, and may affect the trends of smokers ditching cigarettes for e-cigs, with regulations to e-liquid being one of the biggest factors.

However, it remains to be seen how the UK will deal with e-cigs and any e-liquid regulations once they have left the European Union.

About the Author:
Reuben Smith works as a content writer and currently writes for MY CIGARA, a vaping retailer in the UK.
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