A Look at Ecig Coils – Single vs. Dual Coil Atomizer

A Look at Ecig Coils – Single vs. Dual Coil Atomizer

Think a dual coil atomizer is better than a single? You might want to rethink your choice of ecig coils if you want to save on your battery life and save money on ejuice.

If you’re an avid vaper like me, you’re probably looking for the best tasting and highest vapor producing ecig. And you might not want to have to keep recharging your battery or replacing the atomizer.

This is where a single coil may outlast and outperform a dual coil atomizer in most standard electronic cigarettes.

So what are ecig coils and what do they do?

There are three main components of most ecigs: the battery, which is the larger part of the ecig; the atomizer, which converts the ejuice into vapor; and the atomizer coil, which heats the eliquid.

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Cartomizers vs Clearomizers

LOGIC ecigs use cartomizers, which is the term used for cartridges that have the atomizer built in. The atomizer has a fiber filling that soaks up the liquid. Under the filling is the bottom coil.

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Since they use a bottom coil, they produce a cooler vapor, which is great for those of us who prefer a menthol ejuice.

Clearomizers, on the other hand, have a clear atomizer tank and work with a wick instead of the fiber filling. The eliquid is dripped onto the wick, which is heated by the coil, which can be on the top or the bottom.

A top coil will produce a warmer vapor, which some people prefer.

Single Coil vs. a Dual Coil Atomizer

A dual coil atomizer is okay if you have a larger battery with the right voltage and ohms.

But you don’t want to use the dual if you’re using a smaller, stick-type battery because it will eventually burn out the atomizer and ruin the battery.

The atomizers in the LOGIC eCigs work on a bottom single coil, which is the most widely used on stick ecigs, which resemble a traditional cigarette.

To get the most vapor, you can take a short drag to prime the atomizer, then take a longer drag for the best taste and experience.

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Single coil atomizers are said to be the best because they don’t put a lot of stress on the atomizer or the battery. The batteries last longer, and because of the single coil system, they don’t overheat the liquid or use more liquid than you need.

Whether you favor the regular tobacco flavor or the menthol, the bottom single coil produces a great flavor and enough vapor to simulate what you were used to with a regular cigarette.

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  1. Hi, so I’m wondering how good these are? How much ejuice do these use compared to a box mod? I’ve tried Halo’s Vale pen and the vapor production wasn’t enough.

    • I guess the best thing to do is experiment until you find what suits you best. I’ve been using an eGo with single coil clearomizers and that works great for me. But then, I don’t want or need billows and billows of vapor clouds so I don’t have any need to go to a dual coil or box mod.

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