eGo Battery Listing Pulled from eBay

eGo Battery Listing Pulled from eBay

UPDATE 2019! eGo batteries are on eBay again!

Talk about timing! I just received three new eGo batteries from an eGo battery listing on eBay. I went back to leave feedback and see that the listings were pulled from eBay! Oh, I left a note all right, saying how ludicrous and insane it is to pull those listings. They are BATTERIES for goodness’ sakes! They don’t DO anything!

They’re just rechargeable batteries inside of a metal casing. Wow. So dangerous to your health these batteries are! eBay must feel so good about themselves, kissing the butts of the PC crowd, bad science and misinformation about vaping.

This entire war on vaping is getting out of hand and putting a big hit on small online businesses.

Fortunately, Amazon hasn’t restricted the sale of them yet. And why should they? They’re just batteries! Unfortunately, the eGo battery listing on Amazon has them priced at far more what I paid for the ones I bought on eBay.

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But if I have to replace any of mine later on, I guess I’ll have to pay more, unless eBay gets their head out of their you-know-what and lets sellers list them again.

When my last three batteries finally started losing their ability to retain a charge, I decided to upgrade when I went shopping for new batteries. I upgraded from the 650mah to the taller 1100mah. They’re stronger and the charge lasts a lot longer. And I’m very, very happy with them! The color choices were awesome too!

ego battery listing colors

Anyway, my previous eGo batteries lasted for about nine months, so hopefully by the time I need to replace them, I’ll be able to get them at a decent price like I did with these three new ones.

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