eGo eCig How to Use Them

eGo eCig How to Use Them

Instructions for Using the eGo eCig

As I mentioned in another post, I use an eGo eCig, but I started out using the Logic Premium eCigs and then tried the Logic Pro. And then I moved up (or moved on) to using the eGo style batteries with Clearomizers.

One of my batteries is actually an eGo-U but it’s identical and works the same way as the eGo-T, so I’m not sure how the -T and -U are any different. They’re both an eGo eCig, right?

Let’s get started.

If you’ve purchased your first eGo eCig as a kit, you’ll have the battery already attached to an empty Clearomizer tank. You should also have the USB charger and possibly a wall charger that you plug in to an electrical outlet. More on that below.

Now let’s get your new eGo eCig ready to use!

Step 1. To turn the battery on and off, press the “Hit” button five times.

Step 2. Unscrew the Clearomizer tank from the eGo eCig battery. Set the battery aside.

Step 3. Remove the mouthpiece from the top of the Clearomizer.

Step 4. Add the e-juice. Tip: Use a needle refiller bottle to avoid getting the juice down into the airway hole. You can slide the needle down into the cartridge and squeeze the bottle, making it a lot less messy than using a drip tip.

ego ecig airway hole

Tilt the Clearomizer and insert the needle point into the side, away from the airway hole.

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Only fill to about midway of the plastic but not up to the metal airway hole.

Step 5. Place the mouthpiece back onto the Clearomizer and screw back onto the eGo battery.

Step 6. Turn the battery on by clicking the “Hit” button five times.

Getting the Vapor

To “Draw” on the ecig and get the vapor, press and hold the Hit button while you draw in the vapor. If this is a brand new Clearomizer tank, you may need to draw more heavily or a few times before you actually get any vapor. This is because the wick inside the tank is still new, and the liquid has to saturate the wick first.

Charging the eGo Battery

You’ll know when the battery needs to charge in one of two ways:
1. You’re either getting very little vapor or none at all.
2. The battery Hit light starts blinking when you press it down.

Remove the Clearomizer tank from the battery. Attach the battery to the USB charger. If you’re not around an electrical outlet, you can plug the USB into the USB port on your laptop or other device.

It takes about two to three hours for a completely discharged battery to fully recharge.

We keep a USB converter in our car and plug it into the lighter so I can recharge my battery while traveling. Since the wall charger is so small, I just keep an extra one in my handbag and borrow an electrical outlet if we’re visiting friends or family.

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Buying Replacement Clearomizer Tanks

These tanks are pretty cheap actually. My husband buys a 10-pack of Clearomizer tanks on eBay. Sometimes I get a bad one, but at $1 a piece, I don’t worry about it.

Troubleshooting Tips:

1. No vapor coming out of the mouthpiece? You may be low or out of e-juice. The eGo battery may need a charge. Or possibly something is blocking the airway hole.

If the battery is fully charged and the juice is full, remove the mouthpiece and blow through it; blow into the airway hole of the Clearomizer tank and put the mouthpiece back on.

If all else fails, you may have a defective Clearomizer. These tanks are cheap, so just use a new tank.

2. Uh oh – it’s leaking! Where is it leaking from?
If it’s leaking from the mouthpiece or between the tank and the battery, some of the juice may have gotten into the airway hole.

Take the tank off of the battery and sit both upright on a towel and let it drain.

Other reasons may be the Clearomizer tank is cracked or the seal between the mouthpiece and the top of the tank is bad. In either of these cases, just replace the tank with a new one.

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3. I’m getting a “burnt” taste from the ecig. Either you’re out of e-juice or it’s time to change the Clearomizer! These tanks have built-in atomizers so you can’t just replace the atomizer. You need to replace the whole tank.

But again, at $1 each, that’s nothing to worry about.

4. How long do these Clearomizers last? That depends on how hard of a vaper you are. I’m a “chain vaper.” I can’t even count how many times I puff on it during a typical day. And it depends on the tank itself.

Sometimes one tank can last a week or two and other times just a day or two. As soon as I’m down to four or five tanks in my box, we order a new 10-pack so I always have extras on hand.

ego ecig airway hole

5. How long do the eGo eCig batteries last? I’ve read that the batteries will recharge from 300 to 600 times. I don’t know how long that is in months though. Both of mine are still recharging fine and I’ve had them for about six months.

Since they’re lithium batteries, eventually they’ll wear out and stop holding a charge.

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