Electronic Cigarette Designs with Decorative Duct Tape

Electronic Cigarette Designs with Decorative Duct Tape

I came up with this idea to use decorative Duct tape to fix a “problem” and make myself some cool electronic cigarette designs. Why?

I’ve always bought the premium Black Label Power Series of the LOGIC eCigs, and the cigarette batteries are all black, like the cartridge when I was using 1.8% nicotine.

In fact, several electronic cigarette brands come in plain white or plain black with a different color cartridge.

But when I started using the 1.2% nicotine, they come in white. But I didn’t like the white cartridge against the black barrel.

I found some decorative tape in a black and white zebra design and wrapped up my e cig batteries with a cool zebra design.

I used the wide tape, unrolled a piece, measured it with the ecig barrel and snipped it to just the length of the battery. Then I laid the battery down and rolled it up.


If you measure the tape correctly, that’s all you have to do – lay out the tape flat on a table, sticky side up, put the barrel down and roll it flat on the table.

You want to be careful, though, not to wrap the tape too far at the top. You need to leave some room for the USB charger adapter to screw onto the top without fraying the tape. So leave a bit of space at the top when you apply the tape.

But I thought this was just a cool idea! Now I don’t have a drastic contrast between an all-white cartridge and an all-black battery or barrel.

If you’re using a top brand that comes in a plain color, you can do with yours what I did with mine to dress them up a bit, show off your personality a little.

You can even wrap the cartridges too so they blend in with the batteries!

electronic-cigarette-designs-ducttapeThese decorative Duct tape designs are great! If you’re not one who likes the larger, fancy-type ecigs, you can make up your own electronic cigarette designs with decorative tape!

And the cool thing is, you can just unwrap the ecig batteries and roll on some new tape any time you want to change the colors or designs.

It really makes a difference in the way your ecigs look; they’ll definitely look like “fake cigarettes” and not the real thing. Before I did this, I had somebody see me vaping and they thought I was smoking. So they walked up and asked me if I had an extra cigarette!

I mean, you still might get people who think you’re smoking and using a cigarette holder of some kind, but it’s less likely. It’s more likely they’ll know right away you’re either smoking a “fake cigarette” or you’re vaping an electronic cigarette.

And again, with so many colors and designs of Duct tape today, you can do whatever you want with your ecig batteries and make all kinds of electronic cigarette designs!

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