Electronic Cigarette Mods

Electronic Cigarette Mods

Guest post submitted by Doug Bosch-VapeShack

One of the things that e-cig enthusiasts love about the vape is that, unlike cigarettes that come in one standard shape, a electronic cigarette mods can come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.

Aside from the ready-made ones that you can get from your favorite vape shop, you can also have one customized to suit your discerning taste.

If you were to look at the many designs you can find online, you will notice that some come looking like common items you see every day, while others look like something you should wear around your neck instead of puffing.

There are also electronic cigarette mods that are designed to look like weapons from science fiction movies, and there are others that look like they were pulled off from a weapon used in the Wild West.

10 Cool Electronic Cigarette Mods You Can Buy Online

  1. Beer Can/Softdrink Can e-cig – fancy sipping your favorite e-liquid smoke from a straw and looking like you were drinking a beverage instead of vaping? Then electronic cigarette mods made out of softdrink or beer cans may just be what you need.
  2. Gun Handle vape – if you want to feel like a cowboy in an old western, a vape made out of the handle of an old gun may just do the trick. You can even have the trigger work as the switch for this unique looking e-cig.


  4. Mini-hookah pipe vapes – if you like how exotic a hookah looks, you can have your own mini hookah/vape crafted out of wood, metal, or stone. These electronic cigarette mods can have the curvaceous look of hookah bottles for the body and the carved look of the hookah mouthpiece for the tip in a compact guise.
  5. Steampunk style e-cigs – for those who read fiction, you know that steampunk is a fiction genre that places steam powered machinery and Victorian style fashion in futuristic scenes and stories. This type of science fiction combines both the old and the new in a compelling mix.

    When you have your e-cig crafted to emulate this science fantasy genre, you can have a vape that looks like some piece pulled out of Mad Max with gears and cranks.

  6. Lightsaber vape – this is for all you Star Wars fans out there, and who want to feel the force while vaping. Yes, there is an e-cig that looks like the hilt of Luke Skywalker’s light saber.
  7. Cigarette box e-cig – if you want to light up because you miss cigarettes, but don’t really want to go back to that habit, what can be more appropriate yet ironic than an e-cig that looks like a cigarette box with a cigarette filter tip showing when you open the top to use it?
  8. Silver bullet vapes – while bigger than an actual silver bullet, the shape of these particular electronic cigarette mods are indeed reminiscent of the kind of bullet werewolves and vampires hate.


  10. Bling bling e-cigs – for those who like everything to glitter, even their vape, bling e-cigs may be the best choice. These slender stalks made out of metal are covered from end to end in crystals that emulate diamonds. Some may even come with different colored crystals in cute designs, like flowers, hearts, and the like.
  11. Pipe shaped e-cigs – fancy looking like Sherlock Holmes pondering the solution to his next case? Then a vape that comes in the shape of a wooden or marble pipe might just be the right e-cig for you.
  12. Twisted candle shaped vapes – remember those twirly, twisted candles that you used to have in old candlesticks in your grandma’s home? Well, these particular shapes can also be used to create unique looking electronic cigarette mods in various colors, and lengths.
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