Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Electronic Cigarette Reviews

If you’re interested in switching to e-cigarettes, you’ve no doubt looked for electronic cigarette reviews.

Here are a few of the most popular systems and some of their features. This information can help you make the best decision for your purchase.

NJOY. This is a brand that makes it easy to get started. These cigarettes don’t have an on and off switch and work by responding to your inhaling.

The site for NJOY doesn’t offer a huge variety of products, but that can be a good thing if you’re new to e-cigarettes.

You have choices between two different starter kits. Once you choose one, you’re ready to check out. NJOY does offer some other accessories such as a car charger and carrying case. But you won’t find so many choices that you have a hard time making a decision.

Choice Premium Cigarettes. This company offers a wide variety of cigarette choices and are known for the No. 7 line of cigarettes. They offer disposable e cigarettes if you’re just getting started and not ready to make a big financial commitment. They also offer cigarettes with various looks.

They have rechargeable packs and you can purchase a starter kit that includes a pack as well as cigarettes and nicotine cartridges. They also offer a wide variety of flavors from tobacco to grape. You have limitless options and they have an excellent online reputation.

Smoking Everywhere E-Cigarettes. Smoking Everywhere offers many different types of e-cigarette models. They also have great discount prices if you’re looking for a bargain. You’ll also find many accessories to go with your e-cigarettes including cases, chargers, and many different flavors.

They also have a live chat with customer service that can help you to ask questions and choose the best product. This is a wonderful tool especially when you’re new to the product. You’ll find a wide variety and great prices here.

Gamucci. This brand started in the UK but is now sold worldwide. It was actually the first e-cigarette in Europe and the first to sell disposable e-cigarettes. Now you’ll find a wide variety of products available including many flavors and style of e-cigarettes. You’ll want to peruse this site to get an idea of the vast array of accessories.

LOGIC eCigs. My personal favorite and the only electronic cigarette I promote on my blog. The LOGIC eCigs brand includes a starter kit in regular or menthol; you can buy one disposable or a pack so you can try them out. Their eCigs are sleek, slender and most mimic the feel of a real cigarette too.

In some stores, LOGIC eCigs are also the preferred brand and the most sold.

When it’s time to choose an e-cigarette you’ll want to find out what others think of it. Using electronic cigarette reviews can help you decide which ones to try so you can find the brand that is best for you.

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