FDA Claims About DI-ethylene Glycol in Electronic Cigarettes and Influence on Teens: Are the Claims Believable?

FDA Claims About DI-ethylene Glycol in Electronic Cigarettes and Influence on Teens: Are the Claims Believable?

The FDA seems to have found traces of DI-ethylene glycol after analyzing a sample of e-cigarette solution. Di-ethylene glycol is basically an ingredient spotted in antifreeze.

Moreover, the association is worried that young teens will start using electronic cigarettes extensively too. We analyze if these issues are actually serious or just some BS! Are electronic cigarettes so harmful and banning is the way to go? Let us dive into some simple facts!

DI-ethylene glycol is undoubtedly toxic, however, do you know how toxic it is? Well, to be frank:

  1. Compared to aspirin, it is one-tenth toxic
  2. Compared to nicotine, which happens to be the primary e-cigarette ingredient, it is one-fortieth toxic

DI-ethylene-glycol-toothpasteMoreover, whether you are using toothpaste, wine, dog food, cough syrup, mouthwash or countless other things, you are actually having contact with DI-ethylene glycol every day!

With that in mind, it really seems kind of bizarre that FDA is suddenly going all gaga about locating some amount of the same chemical in a e-cigarette that we literally use every day in some way or other.

We are not claiming that DI-ethylene glycol is as harmless as a baby, it is not. However, with the FDA making a big deal out of it, using words such as ‘anti-freeze and ‘DI-ethylene glycol’ as if those are the worst enemies of human civilization, one has to wonder what this fuss is all about!

The FDA seems to be trying extra hard to provide an impression that it rightly regulates nicotine supply. However, that is something not entirely true.

In fact, electronic cigarettes are advertised as smoking alternatives, but never as products to help quit smoking, and that is only because of the FDA regulation process.
FDA also seems to be worried that e-cigarettes are available all over the internet, and that even the younger ones under 18 may get these. Also, they claim that the various flavors such as strawberry and mint further increase the possibility of kids using such cigarettes.

However, if we get the facts right, you are not going to find any real evidence of teens using these cigarettes. In fact, the market is facing a totally different direction.

The e-cigarette industry mainly targets adults who are smokers, and who are looking for healthy ways of smoking that can be used in public spots. Moreover, adults totally enjoy different flavors that e-cigarettes have to offer too.

Further, the cost of e-cigarettes being high, it is not easy for most teens to get one.

The point of this post is not to call names or show you that FDA knows nothing. However, we encourage you earnestly to collect data from different sources, and finally understand whether these FDA claims are actually true or not.

Decide yourself whether e-cigarettes are more harmful than useful. Be sure to consider all sides of a story, because honestly, right now all the fuss that FDA is making seems like half-truth!

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