Finding the Right CBD Oil Vaping Temperature

Finding the Right CBD Oil Vaping Temperature

One of the biggest problems that people face when trying to vape CBD oil is finding the right CBD oil vaping temperature to avoid resulting in a diminished effect. You don’t want your vape temp set too high or too low, so how do you know what the right temp is?

Guest post by Stone Everett with Relief Treats

Finding The Right CBD Oil Vaping Temperature

Vaping has become one of the more common means for cannabis consumption and is one that people all over the world are now turning towards.

Even though this form of consumption has become quite popular, there are still many things that users are still getting to understand about vaping and the entire process. The most common question of all – what is the right CBD oil vaping temperature?


One of the reasons why vaping has become so popular is because of the cool vaping devices out now. When using a vape, there’s a certain amount of heat that’s emitted through the coils inside the vape. This is what allows the user to heat up the substance inside, thereby allowing them to take in the vapor that’s produced.

However, one of the biggest problems that people face when trying to do this is finding the right CBD oil vaping temperature, sometimes resulting in a diminished effect. When a vape is overheated, the properties that are derived from the cannabis are often burned out, resulting in reduced effects.

Similarly, when a person uses cannabis in a vape that isn’t heated enough, they may not be able to get the full benefits either. Because of the impact this can have, it becomes incredibly important to find the right temperature to effectively vape at. But one question may still be ringing in your mind, which is – how do I actually find the right level of heat?

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Understanding Temperature Ranges

There is no set heat level which one can always use and still get the most out of their vape, and sometimes, it takes a bit of adjusting to find out what works best for you and your needs. Some materials are more dry than others allowing them to heat easier and vice versa.

The minimum heat level that you should be using your vape at is ideally around 154°-166°C or 310°-330°F. This range is generally ideal for those who don’t want to create too harsh of an effect from the cannabis that they’re using. Because of the reduced heat, you may not get the entire benefit of the cannabis but it’s surely enough for you to experience some of its effects.

For those who want more out of their vape you may find that a higher temperature might be preferred. Generally, 166-188°C or 330°- 370°F is advised for those who want a stronger hit when using their vape. This temperature doesn’t exactly give you the lightest effects, but also doesn’t make it too strong either.

For those who want the strongest results out of the cannabis that they’re vaping, pushing the heat level limits is what one should aim for. The ideal heat levels for pushing it would be in the range of 188°-227°C or 370°- 440°F.

However, there is a lot of caution that one must exert when going in for these high heat levels. A little more heat than the cannabis needs and you may end up burning your product entirely. Moreover, at these high heat levels, you may end up actually creating carcinogens which shouldn’t be inhaled and are meant to be avoided through vaping anyway.

Vaping CBD Oil

It’s important to note that CBD oil has a few more restrictions when it comes to the ideal vaping temperature – which should be around 180°C or 315°F. Anything above this and you may not be able to get the best results from the oil that you’re using.

Oil can also damage the vaporizer if it’s heated to point of expansion or leaking. If you’re using a vaporizer, the temperature you vape CBD oil at is essential because it also determines the quality of hit that you get.

Overall, this is something that should be paid attention to since some rely on CBD for its medicinal and wellness properties as a form of relief. And while any amount of relief treats the mind and body to a place of recovery, it’s obviously maximum relief that most patients will be after.

There’s no doubt that the operating temperature of your vaporizer is something you should keep in mind when vaping CBD, especially when you want to get the best kind of results. Too low and you may waste your product. Too high and you may not enjoy it. Just understand the ranges provided above are a good guide but each person and experience will vary.

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