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Hey folks – I’m collecting information from vape shops for new cornerstone articles for my blog from the viewpoint of vape shop owners relative to new vapers and first-time customers who are new to vaping.

For example, here is recent cornerstone article using the information provided by the Vape Lounge in Reading, PA:

I’ve developed a short questionnaire of 12 questions.

Any quotes used will provide a link back to your vape shop site, vape forum, Facebook page or group, or any other relevant link you choose.

If you would like to participate, simply submit your responses below. Once I have your information, I’ll post a link here to the published article.

Questions for Vape Shop Owners:

  1. What country or state is your shop?
  2. How long has your shop been open for business?
  3. Do you also vape? If so, how long?
  4. How many shops do you own?
  5. Who is your typical customer? i.e., smoker looking to quit/transition to vaping, current vaper looking to upgrade devices, etc.
  6. What is the general age range of first-time vaping customers?
  7. What types of devices do first-time vapers usually choose?
  8. What are some standard questions you ask of first-time customers?
  9. How much knowledge does your first-time customer usually have about vaping?
  10. Does your state or country have regulations that prohibit you from sharing any pertinent information with your customers, for example, how to use specific devices?
  11. Do your first-time customers who are new to vaping often seem confused or overwhelmed by the device and/or flavor choices?
  12. Do you have any tips or advice for new vape shop owners relative to new vapers and how to help them?

Submit Your Answers Here in a Text File

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