Funky eCig Mods

Funky eCig Mods

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Guest post by Dalton James

There are some pretty funky ecig mods out there today, which are modified personal vaporizers, and I’m sure there’s bound to be more as the PV or ecig craze gets even crazier.

Have you ever seen an e-cigarette that resembles a light saber from Star Wars? Or one that looks like a classic Nintendo Entertainment system controller?

E-Cigarette users worldwide have been going nuts about modifying their own e-cigarettes to suit their passions and interests. There have been some unusual and eye-catching e-cigarettes that talented users have crafted themselves, and we have gathered some of our favourites. Take a look at a few in the images below.


One e-cigarette modification that really stood out was the Super Nintendo controller displayed in the images below. For the avid gamers out there, seeing an e-cigarette turned into one of the all-time favourite game console controllers would definitely be luring.

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This mod will definitely appeal to e-cig users that are passionate about gaming consoles, especially retro ones. It also has a small LED screen included, which indicates how much your battery is charged and the watt usage; a very useful tool!


In terms of cost, how much you will pay for a modification depends on a number of factors. Just like kitting out a car or bike, the parts can be cheap to buy, however you need an understanding of how to do it yourself. Alternatively, modified e-cigarettes are available to buy online.

Although this may be more expensive, it takes away the hassle of doing it yourself.

Since e-cigarette modification really blew up, there have been award shows for the best designed devices. A YouTube channel called “Indoor smoke”, created an award show named “Indo awards, best e-cig awards of 2015”. It has over 100,000 views, showcasing the best in the industry.

Another award show was hosted on The E-cig Stop website called “Top 10 PV Mods Awards”, where the user awarded the 10 most unique e-cigarette mods.

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There are a few specialist online e-cigarette accessory retailers that sell mods at reasonable prices. So if you have a design in mind and want to modify your e-cigarette, check out which designs suit you best.

About the Author:
Dalton James: “I’m just an e-cig design fan who loves doing reviews on original or quirky e-cigarette designs. I’m also into music, games and music so I like to do reviews on that to!”

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