How Bad Is Vaping?

How Bad Is Vaping?

It’s 2017, which means vapes have been on the market for 13 years. And people are still asking the question, ‘How bad is vaping?’

Our friends over at Purplebox Vapours recently released a new video guide, “Smoking Vs Vaping Eradicating The Myths,” which helps to dispel some of the most common misinformation that is still, after a decade, being generated throughout mainstream media.


Electronic cigarettes have greatly improved over the last decade. And still “Big Tobacco” and “Big Pharma” insist on cracking down on the industry harder, in fact, than they do traditional combustible cigarettes.

Most serious vapers, however, don’t refer to their vaping device as an “ecig” today. We call them “vapes” or “personal vaporizers.”

And I believe that if we continue to call them anything but ecigs, e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, eventually the truth will win out and they’ll stop this war on vaping completely and leave us alone!

For example, I was standing outside a hospital recently in the valet area puffing on my vape pen. One of the hospital staff came out; he must have seen the vapor cloud and mistaken it for smoke, and kindly said, ‘Ma’am, you can’t do that here.’

I turned and showed him my vape pen and said, ‘What, use a personal vaporizer?’

He actually looked puzzled, like he’d never heard the term before or seen a vape pen before. He said, ‘Oh, a vaporizer. Well, you’re okay then. Have a nice day!’

Now, if I’d said, ‘This is an electronic cigarette,’ his response may have been completely different! He may have said, ‘No tobacco products are allowed on hospital property.’

And then we’d have gotten into a long, unnecessary dialogue about the vape pen not being a “tobacco” product, etc. But since I immediately referred to is as a “personal vaporizer,” there was no problem, no discussion.

So I think we all need to stop called our devices electronic cigarettes and start calling them what they really are – Personal Vaporizers – because I think even the word ‘Cigarette’ arouses some kind of fear or disgust in people who would rather we didn’t do anything at all.

So how bad is vaping? Honestly, it’s a lot safer than smoking a combustible cigarette. Vapes are saving lives as more and more people transition from traditional smoking to vaping.

Even if you never give up vaping, you’re still putting much less strain on your heart and lungs than if you continued to smoke.

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