How eCigs Led Me to Starting My Own Business

How eCigs Led Me to Starting My Own Business

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From Jeff Charlesworth with CIRRUSbox

I started with fun sized cigarettes. I was twelve, we used to go out into the desert and smoke capris that my best friend stole from his step mother.

I would take a drag and hack my lungs out. I remember the head rush and the buzz. At that point you never think that it is something you are going to do forever or that it is going to get in the way of doing other things you love. You don’t understand that you are always going to smell like it, and that you are going to spend thousands of dollars getting your fix.

As I got older I smoked more regularly, particularly when alcohol was introduced. By my junior year of high school I was what most would consider a smoker. I would smoke behind the school, in the car, wherever. It became normal.

After a couple years in college I was pretty sick of it. It was starting to take a toll on my health. Everyday I would wake up and hack up everything that had accumulated overnight, then light up another one.

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I quit cold turkey, I quit with patches, I even tried quitting by switching to hookah, which doesn’t really even make any sense.

Eventually I found ecigs, they were still in their infancy, little sticks with blue lights that may or may not work. They weren’t quite powerful enough, but it was a better substitute than anything else I had tried.

Fast forward a little bit, to the age of the mod. I never thought I would find anything I preferred to smoking, but here we are. As long as I have quality e-liquid and battery power I am good to go.

I don’t smell, my lungs stay in my rib cage in the morning and I always smell delicious. I love vaping and I share it with anyone I can. It’s been one of the most positive things in my life and I want to share it with others.

Last week we opened up CIRRUSbox so that we can share this passion with the community and make it easier to be consistently happy with your vape.

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While I can’t say it’s a smoking cessation service, our aim is to make your vaping a good consistently enjoyable experience with completely minimal effort on your part.

I urge everyone to be active in protecting our right to vape. Talk to your congressman, vote, join SAFATA or CASAA. It’s despicable that anyone would try to take this away, something that has the potential to do so much good.

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