How LOGIC ecigs Work

How LOGIC ecigs Work

The LOGIC ecigs are a two-part e-cigarette. What you have is the battery, the long part. This is part that you can recharge and the end lights up blue.

Not to be confused with the BLU brand, though. Some eCigarettes light up green at the end and others light up red, to mimic a real cigarette.

I like the blue end because when you’re using them in a smoke-free environment, it’s obvious that you’re not smoking a real cigarette.

How LOGIC ecigs work – and other two-piece electronic cigarettes too
The top part — the “filter” contains the atomizer.

Some of the lower end ecigs will be a three-part, where the atomizer is a separate piece and the cartridge with the liquid inside is separate so you can refill them.

The atomizer is the mechanism that converts the liquid into a vapor. That’s why a lot of people say they’re “vaping,” because what these actually are is mini vaporizers.


So when you smoke or puff or vape, you’re inhaling and blowing out smoke. The only way you can get smoke is if you light something up. And that’s where you get all the carbon monoxide when you actually smoke — a real cigarette.

That’s the stuff that can damage your lungs.

Inside of the cartomizer is the cotton part that holds the liquid. The little tube inside the middle of the cartomizer part goes down into the atomizer where the vapor comes out of when you draw on it.

Some people refill the cartridges but I highly advise against it. Unless you really know what you’re doing, you might not get the right blend, so it’s better to buy the refills.

They’re cost effective and the Logic cartridges are very inexpensive as well as being very high quality. So it’s a lot more convenient, faster and safer to NOT refill these cartridges and instead buy the refill packs.

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