How Much Does It Cost to Vape?

How Much Does It Cost to Vape?

I see a lot of people, mostly current smokers, asking how much does it cost to vape. So in this blog post and accompanying video, I break down the costs to getting started vaping and long-term costs after you purchase your starter items.

How Much Does It Cost to Vape? Breaking Down the Costs

Basic eGo Starter Kit includes: $14 – $19

  • 1 Battery
  • 1 Disposable Top-Coil Clearomizer
  • 1 USB Charger

Extra Batteries about $10-$12 each
Disposable clearomizers about $2-$4 a piece if bought online


Upgrades purchased online:

Refillable bottom coil tank – from $10 and up
Replaceable coils from $5 and up per 5/pack

eJuice – 10mL bottle from $4 and up

Minimum $18 to $25 for the basics


Once you have the batteries, you just need to buy your ejuice and clearomizers if you’re using the disposables.

If you buy the upgrades, you only need to purchase the replacement coils and ejuice.

Considering the price of a carton of cigarettes, you’re saving a lot of money!

How? At a minimum, it costs $25 to get started and that $25 should last you a few days before you have to buy the clearomizers or coils and the ejuice.

If you go through a carton of smokes in a week, you’ve just cut your expenses in half.

If you’re only buying coils/clearomizers and ejuice once a week because you already have the batteries and charger, you’re spending about $8 to $15 a week.

Think of How Much Money You’d Save if You Quit Smoking!

Remember how everyone says “Think of how much money you’ll save if you quit!” That never worked for me. I always found ways to spend less and still buy my smokes.

Now you don’t have to “quit” nicotine; just switch your delivery method so you can still experience the feeling of smoking while cutting your expenses in half.

You’ll also be saving time and money on cleaning items because you won’t have to use air fresheners in your car or house.

Priceless – clear your lungs and breathe better.

No, I can’t make any claims that vaping is 100% safe. However, it is less harmful and much safer than smoking.

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