How to Get a Satisfying Vape Experience in 3 Easy Ways

How to Get a Satisfying Vape Experience in 3 Easy Ways

New vapers need a satisfying vape experience from day one to avoid giving up and going back to smoking traditional cigarettes. Below, Shay Masand provides three easy ways to enjoy vaping right from the start!

How to Get a Satisfying Vape Experience in 3 Easy Ways

There is a consistent decline in the use of traditional cigarettes for the past few decades due to the skyrocketing usage of e-cigarettes among young and old people. According to the statistics, in the United States, the population of young Americans who vaped roughly grew by 1.5 million in 2018.

Significantly lowering toxic substances could be one of the reasons why vape is now becoming more widespread globally. Due to its popularity, a lot of people are now indulging in using it, but have fewer ideas on how to enjoy it. Here are three easy steps on how to get a satisfying vape experience.

1. Achieve that “Throat Hit”

If you are one of those people who are new to the e-cigarette or even smoking environments, a “throat hit” is that sensation of satisfaction that you feel when the nicotine you inhaled from the vape or cigar reached your lungs and back to your throat.


A lot of smokers tend to feel the same sensation when having a throat hit. Moreover, most of the time, the harshest feeling would be felt when smoking traditional cigarettes. That’s why, for those people who are not used to smoking cigars, they would typically have sore throats and coughs.

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What makes vaping better than smoking a cigar is that a throat hit can be modified in accordance with a vaper’s needs. First, always mind that stronger hits could be felt when there is an increase in the vaping juice used for vaping; otherwise, the hit would be milder.

Other than nicotine, in contrast to vegetable glycerin, an increase in the level of propylene glycol could lead to an increased throat hit. Another is, when there’s an increased power with a mod, the temperature would also get higher, causing a stronger throat hit.

What’s more, the smaller the mouthpiece, the narrower the air flow; which could also lead to stronger throat hit. Additionally, the stronger a flavor is, the stronger the throat hit will be. Alternatively, if the flavors are smooth, the hit would be weaker.

Lastly, avoiding a “dry hit”. It is the uncomfortable burning sensation felt after inhaling from the vape, which doesn’t have any vaping juice to vaporize anymore that can cause a sore throat. You’ll be okay as long as there’ll be no intervention, though.

2. Know the Differences between Vaping and Smoking techniques

Take longer drags. When smoking traditionally, you enjoy it better when you take quicker drags. However, it is different when vaping. The slower and longer the puff, the more satisfying the feeling is. For a more satisfying vape experience, it is recommended that you make the drag last between 3-6 seconds.


Keep the vapor in longer. Don’t be in haste to exhale. It’s right not to hold smoke any longer inside your body as it’ll easily damage your lungs and may cause sore throat; however, we’re talking about smokeless cigarettes here. You’ll be surprised how satisfying it’ll be if you can hold the vapor in longer.

Avoid inhaling. If thinking about how it will take effect, nicotine can pass through the tissues in your nose and mouth by holding vapor inside your mouth for a few seconds. Then, exhale vapor through the nose for a way enhanced experience.

3. Choose E-liquid that Best Suits You

For beginners, there are two common carrier liquids. One is propylene glycol (PG), which is a thin, colorless and odorless liquid that commonly suspends flavors and nicotine, and has a sensation that’s almost the same as tobacco.

Another is the vegetarian-friendly liquid, vegetable glycerin (VG), which has thicker, sweeter and smoother vapor. Both PG and VG can be used either on their own or mixed. You can try different ratios while finding the right mix for you to have a more satisfying vaping experience.

The amount of VG will depend on the type of device you’re using too. A heavier, thicker VG base may clog up your coils quicker.

E-liquids can change nicotine strength and flavor as well. If you want a stronger flavor, use a higher PG percentage. If you’re going to puff more vapor, use a higher VG percentage.

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Furthermore, a lot of health enthusiasts are vaping CBD oil. Why Use CBD? Many medical experts recommend it as it bypasses the liver through ingesting it as a vapor.

Also, make sure to know the nicotine strength on your e-liquids. 0 mg/ml label indicates that there’s no nicotine on the liquid, which is the safest for beginners. If you want a little nicotine and more flavor when vaping, try 3mg/ml to 6mg/ml. If you are a heavy smoker who want more nicotine, 12mg/ml to 18mg/ml e-nicotine.

Takeaway for a Satisfying Vape Experience

Many are claiming that vaping is a fun way to quit smoking effectively. It is fun as it still replicates those traditional cigarettes while smokers are eventually breaking their smoking habits. Nevertheless, the idea of using cigarettes is still there, but in a less harmful way.

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