I Feel So Much Healthier and More Active

I Feel So Much Healthier and More Active

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Quit Smoking Story from Simon Arnold

I had been a smoker for over 20 years. I had been unable to quit. I was smoking 40 cigarettes a day. November 2015 I bought my first vape kit.

At the time I knew nothing about vaping and simply bought the refillable starter kit that was for sale on the cigarette counter at my local supermarket. This first attempt at quitting smoking using vaping was not successful.

The vape was a poor experience and inefficient in delivery compared to what I was used to from a cigarette. I used it for a few weeks before going entirely back to smoking.

A few months later, in June 2016, I was determined not to be defeated. After a bit of googling and having watched some YouTube videos, I worked out what the problem was. Vaping wasn’t the problem, rather that the beginner kit I had bought was outdated tech, and underpowered.

I bought An Aspire Odyssey starter kit, and found the experience better, and on July 13 2016 bought and smoked my last packet of cigarettes … ever.

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I shortly added to my vaping setup an Aspire Nautilus and Innokin Endura T18. I was using 24mg sweetened NET juices. These gave me the taste of tobacco, which I was still hooked on. I quickly discovered that with these setups I only needed 18 mg strength juice so reduced dosage accordingly.

By November 2016 I’d started experimenting with different coils and wattages on my Aspire Triton II tank, and also acquired an Eleaf Melo III tank. I discovered that I could run these tanks at lower resistances and higher wattages, and get a more flavourful and efficient vape. I further reduced juice strength to 12 mg.

By January 2017 I’d moved almost entirely to Direct to Lung vaping. My setup by this stage included a Vaporesso Tarot Pro mod, and Uwell D1 and Aspire Cleito 120 tanks. I was using 6 mg high VG juices. I had now taken dislike to the flavour of tobacco, so had changed to vaping pastry and fruit flavoured juices.

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At time of writing, it is August 2017. I’m vaping 3 mg juices, in fruit and pastry flavours. My primary vaping setup is an Ijoy Captain PD270 powering an Aspire Cleito 120. This is a totally different experience to smoking cigarettes. I find it preferable.

I feel so much healthier and more active. My breathing has improved. My teeth and gums have improved. My skin has improved. My mental health and wellbeing has improved. I love going for long energetic walks through the countryside with my dog.

No turning back now, I’m an ex-smoker.

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