Is Your Vape Device Leaking?

Is Your Vape Device Leaking?

You pick up your vape and there’s ejuice dripping around the outside. Or you draw on your vape and you get ejuice in your mouth instead of the vapor. If it happens enough to a new vaper, it could be enough to make you quit vaping and go right back to smoking.

Well, we don’t want that, now do we?

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Here are some reasons why your vape device is leaking and how to prevent it or stop it.

Bad Atomizer or Coil

Atomizers and coils can burn out over time and need to be replaced. On average, factory coils last about two weeks, less if you’re a really heavy vaper, like I am.

vape device leaking coils

Some coils can be washed and used again. They probably won’t last as long as a fresh, new coil, but it can save you some money and help you in a pinch if you don’t have a new coil on hand.

If you’re using a “stick” vape or ecig like a LOGIC or Blu, you may have a bad replacement cartridge. The atomizer and coil are built into the cartridge. The only way to change them is to get new cartridges.

The same goes for Clearomizers with built-in atomizers and coils. If you use the Clearomizer tank long enough, eventually the atomizer will burn out or the coil will go bad. You just need to buy a new one.

If you’re using a vape pen or mod with replaceable coils, it’s an easier fix. You just replace the coil; no need to replace the entire tank.

Condensation Build-up in the Tank

Depending on the tank you’re using, it may be holding the ejuice in by a vacuum. If you disturb the pressure in the tank, the juice can leak out. Most of the time the cotton in the coil head will keep the ejuice from leaking out until the proper vacuum stabilizes.

vape device leaking seal

Tanks that don’t use a vacuum, like the AIO I use, instead use a seal in the cap to keep the mouthpiece cap security sealed to the tank. It’s important then to keep the vape device upright. Laying it down horizontally will allow the ejuice to leak out.

Worn O-rings on the Atomizer

Again, worn or bad o-rings or seals can break the vacuum or damage the seal that keeps the ejuice from leaking out. You always need to keep a solid seal between the tank and the mouthpiece or you’ll always leak ejuice.

PG/VG Balance in the E-juice

If you use 50/50 PG/VG, you may experience more leakage than a heavier concentrate of VG. PG is thinner and tends to leak more. Mods that are built to handle a heavier VG level will leak less.

Getting Liquid Down in the Center Hole of the Coil

This mostly happens with vape devices that have tanks that hold the ejuice, but not with mods where you drip the liquid onto the coil. When you refill your tank or prime a new coil, you need to be careful not to get the liquid down the center tube.

vape device leaking center tube

If you do, just blow it out of one end before you use the device to remove any excess liquid from the tube.

Don’t Lay Your Vape Device Down on its Side

Keeping your vape pen or mod sitting upright will keep it from leaking out of any weak areas.

Did You Flood the Coil?

If you have a variable airflow device or you’re drawing on your vape too forcefully, you may bring too much eliquid into the atomizer coil and flood it. If so, you may need to remove the coil and let it sit a while to dry out. You may end up having to use a fresh new coil, though, if you flooded it too much.

How Clean is Your Tank?

I should actually clean mine more often myself. A buildup of old ejuice inside the tank can weaken the seals and cause leakage. If you clean the tank regularly, you just need to rinse it thoroughly in cold water.

vape device leaking tanks

If you haven’t cleaned it in a while, you can use mild dish soap and warm to hot water. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly. Leave it sit overnight so it completely dries before refilling it.

Check for Cracks in the Tank

Most tanks have some type of glass or heavy plastic windows in them so you can see how much ejuice you’re putting in. Over time, that glass or plastic can crack. Even the smallest crack will cause your tank to leak.

Some tanks have replaceable glass options, others don’t. So it’s important to keep the tank clean and try not to drop it!

The lower-end Clearomizers are all plastic and cheap to replace. You can find them online for about $1 each if you buy them in bulk. If you’re using a higher-end glass tank, you may be able to just replace the glass pieces in the “window.” If the tank is mostly all glass, you’ll need to buy another tank.

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