LOGIC Pro Advanced Vapor System

LOGIC Pro Advanced Vapor System

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If you have a mom or grandma, daughter, aunt, niece, etc. that smokes or is trying to quit, this would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift!!

My husband just brought me home my new LOGIC Pro Advanced Vapor System so I thought I’d do a quick LOGIC Pro demo video.

Anybody that’s been following me knows that I am a big advocate of the LOGIC brand.

I’ve been using their Power Series for a little over two years now and I just love them.

The shop owner raves about the people at LOGIC; he just loves their distributors and the customer service. He says they are top of the line and LOGICs have been his best sellers in his store. He always keeps them in high stock because they’re his best seller.


LOGIC Pro Advanced Vapor System Starter Kit

The starter kit comes with the vaporizer, five refill cartridges – two menthol and three regular tobacco in a range of nicotine levels from 1.8% to 2.4% – the USB wall charger and the USB adapter that attaches to the vaporizer’s battery to recharge it, and a user’s manual.

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Refill Cartridges

The refill cartridges for the Advanced Vapor System hold just about the same amount of e-liquid as the refill cartridges of their original Power Series. But the price is the same!

So you’re getting a super high quality battery and refill cartridges for just $5 more than their original Power Series!

Refilling a LOGIC Pro Advanced is just about as easy as refilling an eGo clearomizer, the batteries last a bit longer and it’s a sleeker, more attractive design than the eGo.

The Down Side

You can not refill the replacement cartridges of the LOGIC Pro Advanced Vapor System. Once they’re empty, they’re done. Please don’t even attempt to try to refill them, even with syringe. You’ll only ruin them and they’ll leak.

After using these for about a month, I eventually went back to the eGo-U and eGo-T batteries and clearomizers for cost-effectiveness.


I will say though, that LOGIC comes through again with an absolutely superior vaporizer compared to most others I’ve tried.

How to Purchase the LOGIC Pro Advanced Vapor System

You can buy your system and refill cartridges at LOGIC’s online vape store at logicvapes.us or check at one of these local stores:
• Rite Aid
• Walgreens
• 7-Eleven
• Speedway/Hess
• Cumberland Farms

You can also check with local vape shops that sell a variety of personal vaporizer products and see if they’ve started to stock them.

You can also call LOGIC’s customer service at (844) 552-9623, Monday – Friday 9 AM to 5 PM EST and they’ll assist you in finding a local vendor in your area.

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64 thoughts on “LOGIC Pro Advanced Vapor System”

  1. My Logic Pro blinks three times then nothing. When i take it apart the light stays on normally but the sec the little metal pc inside is depressed it blinks 3 times and is useless. Any ideas?

    • Wish I could help, but I haven’t used a Logic Pro in a long, long time. I don’t even have one anymore. Maybe someone else here can chime in and help, or contact Logic’s customer service to see about a replacement. Good luck!

  2. The price must have seriously dropped on these things. I purchased my Logic Pro yesterday for $9.99, and got a pack of 3 cartridges for $5.99.

    I just recently cold quit smoking Newports (about a pack every 2 days), so the nicotine level isn’t harsh for me. It flows really well, charges fast, and allows me to get a fix regularly throughout my work day.

    I would recommend it to anybody attempting to quit, or a newbie to the vape world.

  3. I used to use a logic pro religiously for over 2 years back when they sold packs of 5 cartridges for about $12 in taxachussetts, now they sell packs of 3 cartridges for $21 here. I can honestly say it’s not a good buy, if you really want convenience get a normal vape with a top filling tank. Battery lives are incredible on other vape brands.

    I used my logic constantly and nothing was worse than it dying on me half way through a day… because you cannot use it while it charges, plus the cartridges last about one battery life at least for me they did. They don’t even offer fluid with no nicotine, if your trying to stop smoking cigarettes like I was it’s nice to ween yourself off of nicotine all together.

    Plus with a normal vape buying fluid online is miles cheaper than a retail store/gas station. Personally I can get 240ml (1 cartridge of logic pro holds maybe 10ml of fluid max) of fluid of my choice with nicotine level of my choice plus type of bottle of my choice for less than $50.

    I could never go back to logic pro or any other products they are now selling, the fluid tastes like I’m smoking rubbing alcohol since I converted to a vape. I strongly recommend anything other than gas station brand ecigs, honestly.

  4. ABC Stores in Hawaii carry these as well. Same prices as the mainland for these even though cigarettes here are 70% more, about $12 a pack depending on brand (estimate based off of my brand). So the savings by switching here are much greater

  5. What a huge disappointment. . . Bought the Logic Pro with menthol capsules and was really excited about using this, but I just hate it. The flavor is nothing like ‘real’ menthol cigs and the capsules begin leaking within 1-2 days. If it’s good for you, well. . . good. But I’ve already purchased a new device and e-juice with hopes that it will be 100% better.

  6. So last month i was forced to buy the three pack (because every store in my area no longer carried the 5 pack ) I now pay 11.99 plus tax vs the $10.99 +tax. I pay more for less. After buying my little three pack, I noticed my last cartridge would not work (first two did) Here and there i would have an issue with this. So I purchased a whole new unit….Thinking my unit was bad or going bad. I’m guessing I’ve had 5 to 7 cartridges not to work in the last two or so months. My new E-cigarette worked great untill I placed a new cartridge In it tonight….guess what. The light just blinks, used the new and old unit (fully charged) but yet I can put in a almost empty cartridge and puff away with no issue. So I’m guessing the issue is faulty cartridge units, so basically I’ve paid for a unit that I didn’t need $29.99 and two three packs worth of refills at $11.99 each. What is going on with this company? The gas station will not take back used merchandise (because I opened it) Who will replace this or fix this issue?.

    • So let me add to it. The three pack I got yesterday only has one good cartridge in it. So two out of three a defective. Really upset over the money I’ve spent on a broken product.

    • Wow… When I hear stories like this, it makes me glad I switched to the eGo systems! The only thing I can suggest is to contact LOGIC’s customer service and explain the issues to them. Hopefully, they’ll reimburse you. It sounds like they haven’t quite worked out the glitches in their system yet. Their original cig-a-like ecigs are great, but again, they’re not made for refilling either. Seriously, your best bet is to switch to an eGo system with refillable Clearomizers. Good luck!

  7. Complete rip off. I will never buy this product again every pack I buy has cartridges that do not work and then the manufacturer says they have to be sent into them and set a return to the store I do not have time for this. Plus instead of five packs they now sell three packs and the price is higher rip off. Do not buy this product you’re better off buying a real e-cigarette and a vapor shop

    • Wow! That’s a b*tch! You might want to try an eGo like I’ve been using for almost a year now. I really like them!

  8. I have been using the logic pro for just over 2 years and i love it. One down side though…every single pack of cartridges i buy has at least 2 or more cartridges that taste bad or dont work at all. Its very disappointing, esspecially since they just raised the price by almost 5 dollars. I feel i am being ripped off. There was one instance where i bought an entire pack of bad cartridges and i returned them to the store i bought them at. I enjoy this product very much so it would be great if they could make sure the product is up to par and we are not blowing our money on something that doesnt work properly. Thank you.

    • Wow! Sorry to hear that! Here’s a video about how you can refill the Logic Pro cartridges.

      I don’t use the Logic Pro anymore. About six months or so ago, I moved on to the eGo batteries with Clearomizers.

  9. A friend of mine bought to me, but he just bought the cigarret he forgot to buy the refils, i am from Brazil and in my city don’t sells the refills, i already tried to buy in the logic pro store but they don’t make international deliverys. Anyway my question is did u know a store who sells thats refill to Brazil? Thank you, i’ll wait for ur reply!

    • Hi Sérgio,

      I’m sorry, but no. The only thing I can suggest is to order the refills and have them sent to a friend who lives in the US, then have your friend ship them to you.

  10. Does it matter if the battery is on or off when you start charging?

    Not wait for 5 blinking lights. But to start charging when there is no more draw?

    • Hi Thomas! It shouldn’t matter, no. I don’t always wait for my eGo battery to start flashing before I charge it. If you’re not getting anything when you draw on it, I’d say it’s time for a charge.

      • Hey K, thanks for the reply!
        One week in and trying to do the right thing…hehehe

        Charging had me off a little. You read the instructions and it is simple enuff. Plug it in, 5 blinks and pull it out 5 blinks. I’m pretty sure I saw it once where 5 blinks happened, the battery light went out and then the charger light went green.

        Well, it’s all timing to see when it actually happens. The way my Vapor Pro seems to be charging is a little bit different now. My battery light just simply goes out, no blinking. The charger light is still red, so I let it go.

        Eventually a green light will slowly cast over the red light. Not completely though. If you turn the hanging usb charger, that is plugged into the wall adapter…you will see both lights still…green infront and red behind.

        Slowly the green light will become the dominant light and the red will be gone. Pull it and you get the standard 5 blinks, bang you are done!

        So once again, I was just concerned. It’s not 5 blinks/ battery light turns off and then the charger instantly turns green. Which I am pretty sure happened once before.

        Now it’s battery light goes out/ charger stays red/ green light slowly appears/ red light slowly disappears.

        • Hey Thomas! Glad it’s working out! Yes, the Logic Pro charger caught me off guard the first few times I used it too. I’d look at it and it would be in between the colors and I was like, ‘What?’ LOL

          • Heya K, I’m glad it’s working out too!

            I did have one bump in the road and that’s why I asked about charging. I had a Vapor Pro that got three charges out of it and no more. I would just get a green light, saying it was charged. Luckily it happened soon enough and I was able to swap out for a new one.

            I live on the east coast and the Wawa stores are having a promotion. I have purchased two vapor pens for ten dollars each. Saving a lot of money and another reason that got me started.

            I can understand people getting very upset when they do not work, like anything. It actually has me scared too at the same time. Now that I like them and I am still VERY new to this…I don’t want to pay twenty five dollars ever time there is a problem.

            My vapor pens didn’t have cartridges, so maybe that made the difference in price. Thanks again!

  11. I too had a terrible cough from smoking for over 40 years. I started the logic pro and I can say after 1 month on it I do not cough, wheeze or have shortness of breath. I thank you for this upgrade to to vapor. I tried the logic black pen (I called it that) it did not work for me, I just wish all my cartridges I bought worked. I am going to call customer service to discuss that.

  12. My mom just bought me one yesterday and I love it. Only question I have is how can u tell the cartridge is empty? Will there be any liquid in it if its empty? This is my first time using one.

    • Congratulations! And yes, the liquid will be gone and if you take a puff on it, it’ll have kind of a raw burnt taste to it.

  13. In regards to your comment on not being able to refill the logic pro cartridges. I refilled them many times and if done correctly they do not leak after being refilled. Well at least not any more then a newly bought cartridge which I have had slight leaks from, either way just thought I’d share this with you.

    • Cool info, Bradley! Do you think you’d be able to do a video on that, post to YouTube and then share it with us? I’d love to post it to the blog! I was able to refill mine like one time using a needle and syringe, but after one refill, they were useless.

  14. Hello, I don’t usually post online but after reading some of post I decided why not… I am 55 years old (female), I began to smoke at age 12. I smoked all my life and claimed cigarettes to be my best friends. My Mom died from emphysema in ’02, at that time she pleaded with me to quit as not to end up like her on oxygen 24/7 what a horror to watch.

    I continued smoking until 10/3/2015. In between this time begin to develop a cough, bad, nasty sounding afraid to cough in front of people because I was embarrassed especially during Church service. In the last year, I begin to cough all night waking from my sleep to sit up for a while. During this time I was diagnosed with acute bronchitis… I hated myself every single time I smashed that cig out.

    I purchased the Logic Pro Advanced ecig and have not smoked as of today it’s 87 days… YAY!!! I don’t care what anyone has to say about this product because I am living proof it is working for me. No more coughing, wheezing or anything, I feel wonderful and even my Dr. is impressed with my lung function.

    Please if you’re listening, try anything other than cigarettes my family can’t believe it and neither can I.

    • This is such an awesome testimonial to the personal vaporizer industry! I would suggest you also share your story with the good folks at CASAA . The more vapers who can share their positive stories, the more of a positive impact we’ll have on legislation too so hopefully they’ll back off and stop treating us like lepers!

  15. After trying a multitude of electronic cigarettes, I came across the Logic Pro series at a Mobil gas station in Mass. I decided to give it a try since no other brands seemed to be giving me what I was looking for. The logic pro has stayed with me thus far, mostly because it feels the most like smoking a real cigarette. The throat hit is comparable, and I also don’t need to look like a train about to derail with the amount of smoke coming out of my mouth, so that wasn’t an issue. Overall, a quality product for what I was looking for.

    The only drawback I can find is with the physical integrity of the power button. After some use, the power button on my first pro has become loose and rotates in place, allowing it to get stuck in the on(?) position, where i frantically attack it until it releases. Either that or I just unthread the two parts until the power button times out. I have a second pro now too and also, the button is wearing pretty fast (about 1 1 1/2 months of use). Other than that, the product is strong in all aspects. My curiosity is starting to get the better of me while reviewing the eGo as well…not sure if I’ll commit yet though.

    • Oh, a stuck on-button would drive me crazy! I didn’t have mine long enough to wear it out I guess. As much as I loved the Pro, especially because of the classy look and feel, I wanted a cartridge I could easily refill without damaging. The eGo fits the bill. Plus, I love the ejuice I use.

    • Thanks to the unreliability of Logic, and (the pro series) I finally got angry enough to quit!! It’s wonderful as I have not been a slave to and from the store with cartridges that don’t work, nor am I throwing money into Logics stock. (Four months clean). Look I am not going to lie, I miss vaping, and I still even miss cigarettes, but enough was enough already. Good luck with the the Logic, I hope you all have better luck than I had for the past two years. Truthfully when they were not defective they were perfectly awesome.

  16. I refill my own cartridges with juice I buy from a local smoke shop. I hated the flavors of the cartridges that they sell so I figured out how to empty and fill the cartridges myself now I love it

    • I have a video on YouTube about how to refill the logic pro cartridges. I had gotten a comment from someone who doesn’t do nicotine and wanted to know how to empty the cartridges without vaping them. If you could share with me on how to empty them so I can reply back to the person asking me, that would be great. Help me help someone else. Thanks hope you get this.

      • Hi Jeffrey! I wish I could help you, but I never figured that out myself. Personally, I believe LOGIC manufactures their cartridges to be non-refillable and non-“empty-outable” on purpose, just like their Power Series cartridges. For someone who wants a product they can refill, I would suggest switching to an eGo system like I eventually did. Then you can buy the batteries separate from the cartridges, and buy empty cartridges that you can fill and refill with your favorite ejuice flavors.

        For cost effectiveness and ease, that’s the better option that trying to fiddle around with the LOGIC’s non-refillable cartridges.

        Hope this helps!

  17. I need to speak with someone from the pro logic company, design or product designer. I believe that this product has given me an idea that could possibly be very very profitable and at the same time a life saving device. Please if anyone in the company could contact me I would be willing to share my idea with you.

  18. Just got the new logic pro (after getting half cartridges on my logic e-cig) absolutely loved it….until just now…went to charge it…cuz it’s dead ( i know how to work it) green light still on charger and it won’t charge or it blinks 8-9 times only. i cant get it to do anything else!!! Please help…i am out of work and really cant afford to go get another one. just got this one 3 wks ago!

    • Sorry to hear about this, Dee! There should be a phone number on the packaging for LOGIC. Just call them and explain the problem and ask for an exchange. Or if you got it locally, take it back to the store and ask for an exchange. Good luck!!

  19. I just got a Logic® Pro I love it!
    Don’t forget, you have to take the rubber caps off of both ends when placing the cartridge into the device. Make sure you have a full charge, and like mentioned earlier, tap the power button, (the silver button on the side) 5 times to turn it ‘On’.
    Hold down the button and draw with your lips to pull the vapor. You will see vapor, and you can inhale it and expel it just like a cigarette.
    I do hope you get your Logic® Pro working, it is awesome. I was smoking a pack a day or more, but now I’ve been using this for 3 days now and have not even craved a cigarette!

  20. The pro- series is much better than the black stick cartridges.
    However this is the second battery to go completely dead and this one within a week!

    Once my other one dies out than I’m done because I’ve gotten beat too many times, mostly from the cartridges being stale or dried out which the pro series alleviated but now on two batteries. (I don’t leave them on the charger either after the indicator light goes green!)

    • Sorry to hear that! I believe there’s a customer service number on the package so you may be able to exchange them for new ones. Just like any product, sometimes there may be a defect. Good luck!

  21. Just got my logic pro it came with the 5 capsules, I love it but the regular tobacco has a sweet after taste , not liking that so much but its still so much better value then the Blue or Vuse, the Fuse is 4.8% nicotine and is kinda harsh, the Blu plus doesn’t last as long as they claim and for $17.00 for 3 cartridges was much of a value. The only draw back is I can’t find just the capsules, I don’t need more then 2 batteries and right now they only sell the whole kit. Other then that great product that I know will only get better

  22. you have to press the power button 4 or 5 times to turn it on… that’s how you turn it on. i had the same issue but a buddy showed me thats how they turn on after turning off by themselves. i have this vape and love it. just gotta know how to turn it on…

    • Exactly. The eGo battery works the same way, but the eGo doesn’t turn itself off automatically like the LOGIC. Thanks for leaving a comment!

    • Thanks for the info… I did that. It’s the silver button right? Unless smoke isn’t supposed to come out? Because I feel nothing when I vape and no smoke or mist comes out when I inhale or exhale.

  23. I purchased the new pro series because the original logic series became deplorable and a waste of money due to poor product. Would you believe I can’t get the new one to work? No vape whatsoever is produced, and the battery indicates that it it fully charged. So again wasted more money on logics product. And they want me to ship it back to them, but I refuse to pay for the postage.

    • Are you following the directions exactly? If so, I’m really sorry to hear about that! I’ve not had any problems with any of them, but then, not every product is made for everybody. I hope you find something else that works! Have you tried any of the eGo systems? I just switched and I’m loving them! I’ll be doing a new video this week on those. Thanks very much for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

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