Mechanical Box Mods vs. Regulated – Which is Better?

Mechanical Box Mods vs. Regulated – Which is Better?

Mechanical box mods are sleeker, simpler and cheaper than regulated box mods. Regulated box mods are safer, more feature rich and more expensive than mechanical box mods. So which is better?

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Regulated vs. Mechanical Box Mods

The word is out. If you want to vape in style – and you want to enjoy the features that modern vaping devices have to offer – you need a box mod.

Compared to other vaping devices, box mods have all the bells and whistles. They produce the most vapor and have the best battery life. If performance is the most important thing that you want in a vaping device, there’s no beating a box mod.

When you begin to shop for box mods, one of the first things you’ll learn is that the term “box mod” means very different things to different people.

3FVape Mod

On one end of the spectrum, you have mechanical box mods. On the other end are regulated box mods. Apart from the fact that they’re shaped like boxes and made for vaping, the two types of box mods have almost nothing in common.

So, how do you decide between mechanical vs. regulated box mods? Never fear; this guide will walk you through the decision.

Mechanical vs. Regulated Box Mods: Summary

Mechanical box mods are sleeker, simpler and cheaper than regulated box mods.

Regulated box mods are safer, more feature rich and more expensive than mechanical box mods.

What Are Mechanical and Regulated Box Mods?

A mechanical box mod has no internal electronics aside from a button, a few wires and connections for one or two batteries. It’s one of the simplest types of vaping devices because it doesn’t have adjustment buttons, an integrated circuit or a digital display.

A mechanical box mod is simple and powerful. Since there are no electronic components to power, there’s nothing separating you from the full power of your battery.

A regulated box mod, on the other hand, has internal electronics. A regulated mod has at least one integrated circuit. It may have a display and buttons that make interaction easier.

If you aren’t sure whether a box mod is a mechanical or regulated mod, simply take a close look.

A regulated mod may have extra buttons in addition to the main fire button. It may also have an LCD or LED display.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Mechanical Box Mods?

The greatest benefit of mechanical box mods is their simplicity. Since mechanical box mods have less components than regulated mods, a mechanical mod is less likely than a regulated mod to stop working unexpectedly.

The only component that has any real chance of failure is the button – and replacing the button in a mechanical box mod is usually a relatively simple process.

If any component in a regulated box mod stops working, it’s usually necessary to replace the entire mod.

The fact that a mechanical box mod has no internal electronics also means that all of the battery’s power goes directly to the atomizer coil. When you press the button, the coil fires with no delay.

With a regulated box mod, there’s almost always a delay when you press the button.

When you read about mechanical mods online, you’ll often see the claim that they “hit harder” than regulated mods. People make that claim because vapor production is instant with a mechanical mod.

Although a regulated box mod has a slight delay before it begins to generate vapor, the delay exists for a reason. The electronic components of a regulated mod give the device its features – including the features that keep you safe when you vape.

When you use a mechanical box mod, you’re responsible for your own safety.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Regulated Box Mods?

If you want to experience all of the features that modern vaping devices have to offer, you need a regulated box mod. Regulated mods have built-in safety features that protect you from incorrect battery installation, overheating, over-current conditions, short circuits and more.

Most modern regulated box mods can operate in a variety of different modes.

When comparing mechanical vs. regulated box mods, you’ll find that only regulated box mods give you the ability to adjust your wattage and/or voltage.

Many regulated box mods can also limit the temperature of the coil when you’re using a coil made from nickel, titanium, stainless steel and some other materials. Temperature limiting can help you avoid the “dry hits” that result when you forget to drip or refill your tank.

Compared to mechanical box mods, regulated box mods have no real drawbacks except that they tend to be slightly larger – and cost more – than mechanical box mods.

Can a Mechanical Box Mod Do Anything a Regulated Box Mod Can’t?

With one major exception, there is almost nothing a mechanical box mod can do that a regulated box mod can’t. The exception is bottom-feeding mods or “squonkers.”

Although it is technically possible to make a regulated bottom-feeding mod, very few companies in the vaping industry have ever attempted to do so. Squonking is almost solely the domain of mechanical box mods.

New Zealand e-cigarette seller Robert Reid of EasyPuff says that squonk mods have been a big hit with his customers. “A squonk mod is a great way to combine the performance of dripping with the convenience of a tank,” Reid says. “Squonking is also a lot less messy than dripping.”

If you don’t spend a lot of time reading about e-cigarettes online, you might be wondering at this point what exactly a “squonk” is.

A bottom-feeding mod has a large internal bottle that stores e-liquid. Since the bottle typically holds around 10 ml of e-liquid, it usually stores enough for an entire day – sometimes multiple days – of vaping.

A bottom-feeding mod uses rebuildable dripping atomizers with hollow center pins. A hollow needle connects the bottle to the atomizer, and squeezing the bottle gently keeps the atomizer wet.

Since a bottom-feeding mod stores plenty of e-liquid and eliminates the need to carry a bottle for dripping, it’s a great choice if you decide that a mechanical box mod is the right vaping device for you.

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