How Much Money Can You Save If You Quit Smoking?

How Much Money Can You Save If You Quit Smoking?

Actually, the amount of money you can save if you quit smoking depends on quite a few factors. So when people started using the “save money” reason for me to quit smoking, it just went in one ear and out the other.

Before you can say how much money you might save, you have to consider:

  1. Where you live. It might be cheaper down in the south than it is where you live.
  2. What brand of cigarettes you smoke. Most private label brands or “generics” are cheaper than name brands. But in recent years, some of the name brands have started to come down in price to compete with the generics, so the savings for quitting might differ.

    And if you “roll your own” using pure tobacco and empty filtered papers, you may only be spending about $0.75 per pack, again, depending on where you live.

    I did that for a few months before I quit smoking. So when people tried saying to me, but you can save so much money if you quit, $0.67 a pack was nothing, which is what it was costing me at the time to make my own.
  3. How much you smoke. If you smoke more than two packs a day, you’re going to save more money by quitting than someone who only smokes a half pack a day or less. And you’ll save less money by quitting than someone who smokes two or more packs a day.
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Of course, there are more things to consider than this. You could save money on your health or life insurance, depending on if you’re buying your own insurance plans or you’re covered under an employer.

Depending on who covers your home owners insurance, there might be a credit if there are no smokers living in your household.

And if you plan to sell your house at any time, and you are a smoker, it might cost you more money to clean the smoking residue and smell out of the house, depending on how much you smoked inside the house.

I still remember how much time and money it cost me to clean an apartment I was moving out of. After that, I never smoked indoors in any subsequent residences!

What about your car? Do you smoke in your car?

If you decide to sell it or trade it in, you might get less money for it if it still smells like smoke. Or, like with your house or apartment, you’re going to end up spending more money trying to clean it up so it doesn’t smell like stale cigarettes.

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Potential Health Costs Associated with Smoking

When you think about how much money you might save if you quit, you might want to take your health costs into consideration too.

I ran into this myself and ended up having to quit due to health reasons that started costing me money. And today, doctor’s appointments and tests are not cheap!

I needed to be tested for asthma or COPD because of a horrible cough, wheezing and shortness of breath.

And then I needed to have X-rays and other tests on my lungs. And every test had a co-pay with it that ended up costing more than the cigarettes.

I finally had my doctor prescribe me Chantix to quit. And that was expensive too, but it cost less than the cigarettes and all the tests!

So, how much money can you save if you quit smoking?

That’s up to you to figure out. But if you take everything into consideration, you might be surprised! You just might save enough to take some extravagant vacation, buy a new car or remodel your house!

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Can Switching to Electronic Cigarettes Save Money?

Again, that depends on how much you’re smoking and what brands. It also depends on what brand of ecigs you decide to get and how long their cartridges last.

It also depends on whether you buy e-cigarettes that have replacement and/or refillable cartridges or if you’re going to use disposables.

The best thing to do is to compare different brands against how much you’re spending now on regular cigarettes and go from there.

But aside from money, there are some considerable health advantages to using e-cigarettes. And sometimes, you just can’t put a price on your health.

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