My Three and a Half Years of Vaping

My Three and a Half Years of Vaping

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I started vaping over 3 years now. I started off on the vype style and found I still needed a lot of will power.

It took me 12 weeks to get down to 0 nicotine and as long as I had the mouth to hand thing, I found it ok.

Don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t easy after 25 years, but I was convinced I was giving up.

One night I was on the PC live in a chatroom and I saw on a friend’s desk an eGo. I said, ‘What’s that?’ And after she explained, I was off to the local shop. I came back with a double kit and lots of 0 nicotine e-juice.

A week later I went and bought Kanger TS3s as they performed better than the ones I had. I also bought loads more e-juice. Some weeks later the T3Ds came out so I had to have them.

I bought an SVD and then the Mrs. started vaping socially so I bought another SVD, then two MVPS. It was taking over. I had 53 mechanical mods, 15 box mods and over 60 drippers and several foggers and kayfuns.

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I now craved flavour and my wife made my e-juice from there on in. She threw away tonnes but the ones she made are highly sought after to this day.

Now I was cloudchasing too and as a result more sponsors followed. I started getting rid of my clones when avidlyfe (ameravape ) sponsored me. I use all authentic tubes now but I still have over 60 atomisers as I haven’t got around to selling them yet.

I’m now sponsored by 11 companies @AvidLyfe (ameravape ) @jaybodesigns (made the tobh) @evolutionvapinguk @FuzionCotton @diamondwire @ZeusJuice @pariahvaporco @holy_cow_ejuice @dukunvape @Merins @steadydrippin.

On instagram I’m @shakka_vapes_act So come and give me a follow.

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